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Monday, September 20, 2021

Health Update

 Between homeschooling, family day, Narnia Night, and having my granddaughter over for the weekend, we have been super busy. Also, we were hit with a lot of information and are still sorting things out. First of all, when they find cancer they like to come up with a plan within the first 30 days. Because of my other health issues, it will take a bit more time to sort out.

I have to get my Gynecologist to contact my Surgeon to see what his plan for the growth on my ovaries will be. When and if they cut me they want it to be once. My biopsies have been sent to a second pathologist for more testing. Also, I have to have more tests to make sure my cancer has not spread. They don't want to do anything with my diverticulitis right now unless it is an emergency and I was told I could eat anything as the seeds, nuts, etc are only a myth (so many Dr.'s and patients disagree with this).

We talked about weight loss surgery but we have kept food diaries in the past and I eat less than most people so my weight gain doesn't match my intake, so maybe more movement is needed which has gotten seriously less over the last 13 years due to pain from my fibromyalgia, back, and of course more weight gain from not moving as much. There just isn't an easy answer to all of this. To be quite honest it seems like we don't have all of the information we need yet. So until the Dr.'s talk, the results from the pathology come back, and I get more testing we are at a standstill.

I am sorry I don't have any better news, my health issues just make it extremely hard for the Dr.'s to come up with a plan to treat or medicate me. I hope to have more of an update in the coming weeks. I am scared, this isn't easy on me or my family. We are just praying and taking one day at a time, enjoying the time we have together, and finding joy in each day, until we can take the next step. Thank you to everyone who keeps asking how we are doing and for updates. Keep the prayers coming. Hugs.

Friday, August 20, 2021


The call wasn't really that long and I am not quite sure when it started but once I heard it my eyes went right to the clock on my phone like I could freeze time in place. See I have been sick lately although, I guess you can say I have been sick all of my life with one thing or another.

I had a double precedure on 8/17/2021  that was more then what they had expected to find. They removed pieces and resected me, then sent the pieces off to be tested. 

I was thinking I wouldn't hear anything till I saw the Surgeon. on Friday but Thursday night at around five in the evening the call came in. It was the Dr. I know a Dr. doesn't call unless it is something, not that late, good news can always wait. I have had these calls before up to 10:30 pm. 

This time it would be the word I thought I would never hear. The C word, The Big C,  CANCER, they found cancer and they aren't sure they got it all because they had to cut it out of me in little pieces. 

The first thing we did was call our children and branch out from there. Today after two more calls I will be posting on my social media. There are just too many people to contact with the news. Social Media is quicker besides telling everyone the same thing over and over just tires me out more then I already am. 

Of course almost everyone so far is asking how I am taking it, how is my husband, the kids. Well I don't know we are still processing it. My husband went to bed early, me I can't sleep, the kids are being supportive. 

People ask what the next steps are. Well the Surgeon tomorrow and then a call to oncology for an appointment to see just what those next steps will be. Of course I have to call my Primary Doctor as well as my Genecologist. You see they found a growth on my left ovary right before Covid-19 changed up everything, that they have veen watching. It is right next to where they found the cancer in my colon so everyone needs to be on board for this.

I suppose I am writing here for myself more then for my readers but hey who knows, something I might say might save someone's life. 

Some people asked did I know or think something was up. When has something not been up with my health? The answer is yes. Even when I am not having Diverticulitis pain I feel something in my stomach which is actually my intestines. It feels like something is eating me alive, gnawing at my insides. It took awhile of it happening to say anything to my husband, he even ordered a pregnancy test hoping I was just pregnant. When it came back negative that is when he started to really worry.

Then in June I had blood tests. I saw the results. It showed my bone marrow had kicked in and my red and white cell counts were all in the wrong places. I am not dumb. I was just hoping it was the infections I kept getting over and over and that the numbers would get better. So did I have an idea I sure did.

My appointments were already set so things couldn't go any quicker. I was supposed to have my precedure back in 2018, but between Dr.'s retiring, cases being shifted, busy schedules with kids and then Covid-19 we kept putting things off, there always tomorrow (Isn't that what we tell ourselves?). Last year things began to get worse with infection after infection which is what put my precedure further out finally after  being infection free for 8 weeks I had my predcedures. So here I am. 

Monday, September 28, 2015

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October 2015
Breast Cancer Awareness Month

How can you show your support? 

How about with Charm? 

For every limited edition charm that is sold 50% of the sales will go to charities that support breast cancer. 

Check out the charms available on Glamulet here.

Our family has not been devastated by breast cancer other than my uncles wife. Ultimately it was cancer that took her life but not sure if it was just breast cancer or not. Cancer took my mother away as well. Hers was not breast cancer but it was still a cancer only women can get. Cancer is a big thing in this world and a killer that can sometimes be silent until it is too late. 

This is why we need tests, research, and awareness about all kinds of Cancer. This month, October 2015 is the month for Breast Cancer Awareness. Join me and others in showing our support while bringing awareness for this disease to all those we come across.  

One way to do this is by wearing a Limited Edition Charm and every time someone asks where you got it tell them about what it supports and how to help out themselves. Also remind the women and men in your life to do breast self exams at least once a month, get mammograms as needed, and reach out to a Dr. with any questions or concerns in between.

Working together will support those in need, bringing awareness to those who don't or might, while funding research, which brings us a step closer to a CURE. 

About Glamulet

Glamulet is a jewelry brand that specializes in Charms. Glamulet designs, manufactures and sells a wide range of modern and quality Charms that make possible to create a unique Bracelet. Most of these Charms are made of 925 sterling Silver, Swarovski crystals, Murano glass and various kinds of manmade & natural stones. We wish to allow every woman to express herself thanks to an affordable collection of high quality jewelry : that’s why our priority is to propose our collections at an affordable price.

Launched in 2014, Glamulet has already satisfied shoppers from Europe, USA, Canada, South Africa and Asia and is still willing to expand. Glamulet is also aware of its social responsibility. The brand's engagement in the breast cancer support campaign Pink October shows that they aim to bring to women the welfare they deserve.

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