Saturday, April 8, 2023

Health update

 Hello everyone. I was waiting till we talked to our children before posting here. All of my tests have returned, some good some bad I will give you the good first. The Doctor thought I was in menopause naturally and because of my chemotherapy. I started to bleed last month after going 14 months with nothing. I waited a day before contacting my Hematologist who asked a few questions and then told me to call my Gynecologist which I did and relayed what my Hematologist wanted done which was just blood tests but the Gynecologist also wanted an inner and outer ultrasound done.

While there I also got a thyroid scan done to check to see what was going on there. My thyroid scan came back that it was just enlarged no Cancer. We were so happy. Then my appointment came yesterday. My blood tests showed that I am not in Menopause at all so I am just a rare case that got their monthly back. The Ultrasound showed that the wall in my cervix is twice the size it should be.

My Gynecologist wanted to do a biopsy yesterday. Dennis hadn't gone in with me so I didn't want to make the decision without him so we talked about options and we are going to wait a month to see if I get my period and go through another ultrasound to see if the wall has gotten thinner. If Either I do or don't get my monthly, and the wall is still the same we are going to do the Biopsy on May 11th to rule out Cancer. I am not going to lie. I am scared. Not sure if I have the strength to go through this all over again. Not sure if my body can take it again. Please keep my family and me in your prayers. Hugs.

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