Friday, May 5, 2023

Insurance Form Aggravation

 I have had a few people call or text wondering what is going on with my tests and results. Well, it has been a big mess. We set up appointments back in April and Medical Transportation didn't want to take me out of county to see my Doctors so they had to fill out special forms so I could see them and get testing done. Once they were approved we set up appointments again to be told by medical transportation that the building didn't do what we were going there for, Someone had put the wrong code in so we had to put in another form request and that had to be approved.

While doing all this we noticed the form for my wheelchair/rollater was also expired and had to have that done. Finally, we set up all the appointments again, and bam the Catscan office called and asked when was the last time the Doctors did a Kidney function test on me. After checking with Doctors we found out not since last November so now I have to get a blood test before I can get any scans done which pushes my appointment with my oncologist even further out. With that being said I get my blood workup, my biopsy, and scans all done this coming week and will see my oncologist the following week God willing. I want to thank everyone for the continued prayers and for checking up on me. It means more than you would think. Hugs

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