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Friday, June 2, 2023

I have been holding something back

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I have been reluctant to share because I didn't really know how long things would last but as most people in my life know getting water down me is quite hard. I go for a while drinking water and then I won't drink water, of course having kidney problems and having to go to the bathroom often already sucks, but I was sent some Cirkul products to try and did a post on Youtube of my first reaction which you have to see and make sure to stay to the end, my husband kept the camera rolling and caught some off-camera footage. 

With Cirkul I have been drinking water and actually enjoying it. I have only had 2 soda cans since starting and last night because my water wasn't cold yet I actually took one sip of the can of soda they gave me and said nope don't want it and drank more water. Don't get me wrong I only drank diet soda, juice, lemonade, tea both hot and cold, and milk mainly before Cirkul came into my life with very little plain water. 

This morning I even took out my seated elliptical and did some steps. It has been forever since I have had this many steps in and we can already see the change in my energy levels. Mind you I don't think it is just Cirkul doing all of this. Part is because my tests are still showing no more cancer, I can get out and get some sun, and our bleeding disorder is doing a challenge for better health. They even sent me a Virgin Pulse MAX BUZZ activity tracker. 

Either way, water is better for me than other drinks, and making small changes that can help my body heal and get healthier, means the longer I can be around for my family. I do adapt well but my health has always been put on the back burner to take care of my family. As I am aging and much more important after fighting cancer and having several major operations my body is screaming for me to notice that I need to take care of myself. So now it is time to do just that so I can be here for my family for years to come.

If you are interested in trying out Cirkul please use my link to save up to 35% off your order. #drinkcirkul

In closing, I hope you all take some time to take care of yourself in some small way. Hugs.