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Sunday, January 21, 2024

Freud’s Last Session Review


Recently I was able to view Freud's Last Session and found it quite interesting. It is a nice look at what both might have said to each other if they had actually met and debated over the existence of God. For me, I have strived to learn about God my whole life, and then I was introduced to Freud in College during psychology classes. It is interesting to see both of their debates, speeches, and writings going against each other in this movie. Of course, for me, it was also set in my favorite part of history as well. Take a look at the trailer below.

On the eve of the Second World War, two of the greatest minds of the twentieth century, C.S. LEWIS and SIGMUND FREUD converge for their own personal battle over the existence of God. FREUD’S LAST SESSION interweaves the lives of Freud and Lewis, past, present, and through fantasy, bursting from the confines of Freud’s study on a dynamic journey. PG-13

 Tickets can be found at 

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Thursday, October 13, 2022

Getting through the hard days

  I am a believer in Jesus and know not everyone's path is smooth. I have felt his presence every day. Even on the hardest days, it was him that got me through. Not that my family hasn't helped because they have and even friends helped out a few times bringing things we really needed to be able to get through this. I have several dear friends and family who checked in with me often, calling, sending texts, words of encouragement, things to make me laugh, and most of all praying for me. 

 My husband would just seem to know when I needed him most because I would be really upset or not feeling well. I sleep in the living room on an XL Twin adjustable bed while he sleeps in our room on our old bed. We hope to purchase the other half of my bed so that we can put them together in our room so we can sleep by one another again. Anyways I didn't always want to bother everyone when I was like that since they all did pretty much everything for me during my waking hours. He would just appear, pull over a chair and sit with me until I fell asleep. He even said he would often come out just to make sure I was still breathing.

 He prayed for me, played games with me, cried with me, and made me laugh when I needed it most. Oh don't get me wrong there were days he was so tired even with the help of the kids that he just needed a break, not as many as he would have liked to have I am sure, but when he was able to get a break it seemed like for a while after he would have the strength to get me through some more days. 

 There were nights I told my husband and God that if I died that night I would be OK. I am ready to go home, but sure enough, I would wake up the next day and know that God wasn't done with me yet. I wish I knew what my purpose was but most people never know and it isn't seen or realized until after they are gone. Miracles can be like that too. 

 I have been blessed in my lifetime to have seen many miracles. Some may never get the chance or shall I say open their eyes enough to see them happen. I wish believing in God was easy for everyone. I know there are those who may read this and not have a relationship with God or even believe in him, but that is your choice this is mine and I am not pushing it on you, just relating to how I have gotten through my life. Take what you will but don't be mean just out of spite. Everyone's path is different. You are on yours I am on mine. I wish well to all those who read my blog and hope this will touch everyone in some way. Until another day. Hugs. 

Thursday, December 24, 2020

Do you have a hateful child?

 Do you have a child that is very different from the rest of your children? You know the one who you try to make happy and all they do it find something to complain about. Well I have one. We have 6 children and not one of the other children complained about almost everything they were given. From food, clothes, shelter, gifts, friends, family members, siblings, to us being her parents. 

She has never made friends easily or kept them very long, she finds fault in everything while as an adult you can see it is her that is at fault. It really is sad. It is not that we don't love her because we do. We are worried about how she will do when she is out on her own in the world. 

Take for instance this Christmas. She looked at her pile and then at her sister's. There are just two of them left in the home now. She said it seems like everytime I was bad you bought my sister another present. Funny thing is, is that I was thinking the very same thing the night before. Maybe subconsciously I did. 

We live with a daughter who finds fault almost everywhere, she doesn't like how people talk to her, while she thinks swearing is just fine and dandy. She doesn't follow directions causing things to go wrong often, and while we remind her following directions is important for future job employment, she reminds us that she will do what she likes and if her boss doesn't like it they can go *#@! themselves. By the way words like this are generally in every sentence she makes. 

I told you she is quite the character. She tells me almost daily that I should just die, or hopes I will die soon. She says this to her father and siblings as well. She is abusive to her siblings verbally and sometimes even physically. She thinks all old people should be killed off, that adults have to work for her respect. All the while she is sure to put people down until they just can't take anymore and move on to a better relationship. 

She is remote learning for her Senior Year and got a referral for responding to a teacher inappropriately. They couldn't really punish her too much because she isn't actually in school, so even though we stressed how much she should not do this she sees nothing wrong with what she did. She is now 18 and I can't wait for her to move out so we don't have to be stressed about what she might do on any given day. 

It is so hard to say this when as a mom you never really want your kids to move out, you want them little forever so you can protect them from everything, but as a parent you are to teach them how to survive when you are no longer around to pick up the pieces or help them get on the right path. It is heartbreaking to see a child or in this case young adult struggle so much. 

We took parenting classes and they worked for the most part with the other kids, but for some reason not with her. Somedays we are scared to be in the same home with her. She is really abusive, but not so much where we need to call the police although there have been a few close calls. 

Now with all of that being said, she can be good. I have seen her in public do the right things, helping an elderly person, being nice to children, and being polite, so I see the qualities we instilled in her. Things did get through to her. I just hope and pray they continue to grow inside of her. She is beautiful on the outside, just something on the inside, is inside out and twisted. 

I don't want to hear about we should have done this or that, we tried everything in our own upbringing and what the State sees as appropriate and nothing works. Now that she is an adult she has to start making those choices on her own. 

Until that day comes and maybe even after , the older children  and younger will continue to have those on the side glances, questions, and conversations on why is she so different. I know she will read this someday and I am OK with that. It doesn't' change the fact that I love her with all of my heart and soul and would give just about anything to keep her safe. As a parent I can only do so much with the rest being  up to God and her to deal with. 

My hopes is that someday she will be in a much better place mentally and can look back at her upbringing to find joy where we could fit it in. I want her to reach for her dreams with determination and confidence. I wish her well on her journey into adulthood. 

As a parent thinking these thoughts are hard much less sharing them with my readers, but I wanted those out there going through what we are going through to know you are not alone. Don't lose faith. Pray continually for your children. I know prayer works, it can just take years to actually see the results. Lovingly support their dreams along the way, while trying to instill in them best qualities you can in the short time you have to raise your child before they venture out into the world on their own.