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Saturday, November 26, 2022


 I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Last year this time I was still in the hospital not being able to eat anything due to having and NG tube in from complications after my surgery to remove my Cancer in my colon. 

Since I finished my Chemotherapy back in July I have been getting really excited for the Holidays. My oncologist office adopted our family for Thanksgiving which was really nice they provided pretty much everything we could need for dinner. With prices they way they are on food I also got a free turkey from our local Shop Rite from spending so much money on food during a set period of time. I tried to gift the turkey but no one ever responded so we ended up cooking 2 turkeys. 

Cooking the turkeys was a nightmare. When we moved here my Turkey roaster never made it so we bought one of those counter top roasters that everyone raves about. Well ours never cooked the turkey so when we should have been eating we were just putting it into our oven. I think we just got a damaged turkey roaster and I am not sure when we bought it so I couldn't return it to the store so we just had to throw it away. 

Once the turkey was done the feast was ready to be eaten, and boy did we eat. I had a little bit of everything and enjoyed every bite. So very different from last year. When we were done, and getting ready for dessert my daughter Nesie came with her boyfriend Paul to drop Bean off for the weekend. I get Bean (our nickname for my granddaughter Lillyann) most vacations and holidays so they can work without worrying about her. 

They had thanksgiving with Paul's parents this year and his mom decided to just do a turkey breast. Nesie's favorite part of the turkey is the drumstick and oddly enough it is also Paul's favorite too. Since we made two turkeys they took three legs and left one here for Dorothy to pick at since it is her favorite part too. It was awesome to see the joy on their faces when they were wrapping up their turkey legs to enjoy later at their home. 

I was so excited to have most of my girls home at some point during thanksgiving and just overly thankful to be alive and enjoying time with my family. I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. 

Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Pump disconnect days are the worst

Another picture from my nephew. 

Monday I was able to start up my Chemotherapy treatments and today I got my pump disconnected. We changed my schedule due to changes in our lives. I had an appetite on Monday, it was Ok yesterday with some nausea in the evening, nausea this morning before going for pump disconnect, then we made a quick trip to Walmart to pick up a bath mat for in the shower so I don't slip, and a thick mat for when I get out of the shower, as well as a floppy sun hat and sunglasses that I will need for when I am out in the sun. I looked in the mirror while trying on sunglasses and saw for the first time some bald spots on my head so it is time to order some hats, wigs, and or scarves. I really thought I would handle this part of it better but it makes me so emotional. I know it will grow back but God gave it to me as a covering and losing it is like losing part of myself. Anyways I also picked up a new nightgown and then home we went where a big box of cooked meals was delivered. They are frozen and just need to be heated up. More on that later. I was able to eat a little lunch and just took another anti-nausea pill hoping it kicks in, so maybe I can get a little nap in. I want to thank everyone who calls, texts, and visits to check on me. It is so much appreciated. Keep those prayers coming. Hugs.


Monday, March 7, 2022

My oncologist says Chemotherapy on Monday

 I saw my oncologist today. I start chemotherapy again next Monday. Even though the Surgeon gave the ok she is really worried about my open wounds, so they will be keeping a close eye on me. She also checked the discoloration in my hands which is from chemotherapy, and will also be keeping an eye on that as well as neuropathy. I have some of the use of my left arm and back about 60 % and about 85% of my right hand back. She is hoping chemotherapy won’t set that back but it could. I lost another two pounds even with my good appetite but they say healing after surgery burns a lot of calories, my body must be working overtime, there are so many things it is trying to heal at the same time. So we are a go to move forward. Keep those prayers coming. Love you all. Hugs

Feels so good


The other day I got to take my first real shower since before my operation. It felt so good, but boy did it make me tired. Thank you Nesie Alana for my new nightgown.

Sunday, March 6, 2022

Can start Chemotherapy again

Health update. Sorry, it has been so long. We have gotten my bowel movements under control at least for now but we are not ready to move the commode back into the bathroom yet. My appetite is pretty good. Still losing weight but not as quickly, at least for now. I saw my surgeon last week and he cleared me to start chemotherapy. He wants to see me in another month to check on my open wounds. I went from one deep open wound to two open wounds due to one of the surface wounds opening up from friction from my breast rubbing on it. My surgeon told me when I start chemotherapy the healing of my wounds will slow down so we have to continue to change the dressing twice a day and keep an eye open for any infection. I see my oncologist Monday if everything is a go I will start treatment up again this week or the next at the latest. I will update again once I see her. I still have a long way to go. Keep those prayers coming. Hugs.

Monday, February 21, 2022

Appointment with Primary

 Had my appointment with my primary this afternoon. He said I looked better than he thought I would. Loved the rings my husband got me for Valentine's day, checked and redressed my open surgical spot, filled me up with migraine medication and we caught up on me, and our visit was over till March. At the Dr.s, I ran into one of my cousins from my mom's side and we caught up as well. I literally haven't seen her since my mom died in 2004. I have been thinking of her and praying for her. It was great to see her today. While out and about with my daughter I did a Walmart shop hadn't been in a store since before Christmas. Stocked up on some needed items. Now home resting and getting ready to eat a late dinner with my family. Chili is very mild with Cornbread.

Even though my plates look full I really only eat very little of it but I am still getting nourishment. Some of the meals I have been enjoying are fruit and yogurt, chili, steak, mac and cheese which I have to be careful with makes me feel a bit queasy, green beans, apple sauce, and very mild chili (Dennis Marks Jr. did a good job), canteloupe, scrambled eggs and toast with jam. Tomorrow we are having Cabbage, carrots, potatoes, kielbasi for everyone else, and ham for me. I have had a good appetite so we are taking advantage of it. I am down another 5 1/2 pounds due to the week of not eating between surgery and not feeling well.

Sunday, February 20, 2022

While in the hospital


They weren’t all gloomy days at the hospital the day after my surgery I had the spa hospital treatment full bed bath, hair wash, that cap is amazing it washes your hair and a rub down with lotion, she even helped me brush my hair. It made me feel so much better. Little things really do make a difference.

Saturday, February 19, 2022

Trying something new

 When we did my hair last night we lost a lot of hair so my daughter braided it hoping it will be less stressful on my hair while I am sleeping.

Gallbladder Operation

 My husband did his best to keep everyone updated but got a few things wrong. What Dennis Marks Jr. didn't tell you about my surgery. He wasn't there before they put me out for the operation, things just didn't align. Once he got there he got all settled and after about 5 and a half hours, someone came to my husband and said he needed to go to a conference room. He immediately thought he had lost me. The things that must have gone through his mind in those minutes before the Dr. walked in and asked why he was crying and he said he thought I had died. The operation was over two hours longer than it should have been. Sometime between when I had my scan and when I had my operation my gallbladder burst. Now I have had several operations at this hospital and this was the first time they called him into a conference room, they usually just come right up to him to talk to him.

Friday, February 18, 2022

My heart is filled with Joy

I'll update as strength provides. I was able to eat a bit of dinner last night, and a little bit of breakfast, and I am looking forward to dinner. I was able to get on my computer for a short time. My left arm is really weak so typing is quite a chore, to say the least. I made it through the night without messing myself which is a real huge milestone for us. You would never think poop would be so exciting or scary but we have seen both sides now. God's grace has been so overwhelming for me. Jesus is so good to me. Thank you for all of the support, uplifting words when I needed it most, calls, texts, and those who have gone above and beyond making sure we have supplies and the things we need to get through this. My heart is filled with joy to see the good that is in people. Keep those prayers coming. Hugs

Monday, February 14, 2022

We can't afford Disney


We can’t afford Disney so Dennis Marks Jr. bought Mickey Mouse for me and he got me a new engagement ring and wedding band, the rings were hidden in the chocolate box.

Saturday, February 12, 2022

Update from my husband

 Post my husband put on my Facebook page.

Hello everyone, this is Dennis Marks Jr., Pam's husband...she wanted me to give an update on her recent situation. Today she had her gallbladder removed. The operation took five hours, this is approx. two hours longer than it should have due to the nature of the condition of the said gallbladder. Apparently, it was pretty well messed up and the scans had shown that she had a lot of gallstones the doctor spent extra time making sure he got everything that needed to come out due to the fear that if he had to go back in for anything else she would most likely end up with a hernia.
Pam is currently resting in her room and would really appreciate prayers. During the last operation she went through her stomach and intestines didn't want to work well together and she ended up needing an NG tube to suck everything in her stomach out from the previous three days. She and I would really appreciate prayer that this will not happen again. I would like to thank everyone in advance and also for all previous prayers. I don't go onto Pam's Facebook unless she asks me to so I don't always have the opportunity to thank the many wonderful and Christ-filled friends.
Thank you all again,

Thursday, February 10, 2022

They are going to operate again

No mass in the gallbladder just a large stone blocking so my gallbladder is enlarged and I have an infection. We blew a vein this morning and now my port isn’t working right. I am supposed to go down for a radioactive scan of my gallbladder but not sure about vein and port problems. They are trying not to operate if they don’t need to, dangerous like last, but this test should give them the definitive answer on their next step. Same surgical team, so I feel I am in good hands. Jesus is with me every step of the way. Hugs to everyone.

They got my port to work now we can move forward.

Update, they don’t have enough time for a radioactive scan as I will be having surgery first thing in the morning to remove my gallbladder, they are going to try a robot as I will be in a different position and should have no lung problems this time but they are also ready if it ends up being open surgery. I have the same surgery team so they know what they are up against. I should be out by 12 and my husband will update as needed, not everyone can see his posts so hopefully, I will update when I can. Keep me in your prayers. Your words of encouragement mean the world to me. Hugs

Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Mass in Gallbladder

 Not a great update. It’s not diverticulitis but they found a mass in my gall bladder and want me to go back to the hospital for more testing. I’m more then a little scared. I am just so weak and tired I’m not sure how much I can take. Keep the prayers coming will update once I am in and get results. Hugs

Tuesday, February 8, 2022

More tests

 Had my appointment with gastroenterology, and I have to be up first thing in the morning to have a catscan done. They did order antibiotics. Setting up the catscan my insurance company was trying to get an ultrasound instead and the office was like no we need a catscan, the insurance company says oh that will have to go into clinical review, the office says we have it for stat we can't wait that long. Mind you this call took about an hour of this. You'd think I was trying to get a Disney Vacation or Cruise out of them instead of medical care for a health problem. Anyways as soon as I know I will update all of you. Just uncomfortable and my next chemotherapy treatment is creeping up. Keep those prayers coming everyone. Hugs

Monday, February 7, 2022

Have appointment with Gastroenterologist

 Update, they have me going to an appointment tomorrow afternoon right at the office for gastroenterology. I am so glad they could fit me in so quickly.

Sunday, February 6, 2022

Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Labs and Night before treatment

 Had my labs and Dr. appointment yesterday. My numbers are good so we will do a full chemotherapy treatment. My insurance approved the use of the medication to help my bone marrow to produce more white blood cells so we have that in case my numbers fall again.

I was approved to start up my vitamins again as well. They want me to start with one iron and hopefully work up to 3 a day depending on my colon's response, as well as my multivitamin and vitamin D. I told her about my head feeling like it is bruised as well as my hair loss and she said what I am feeling is my hair follicles responding to the chemotherapy, and hair loss is anywhere from none to all with all being on the low side so time will tell with what my response will be.

The Dr. was really surprised with how well my skin is doing. My daughter and husband try to keep me well moisturized. She also asked about mouth sores and none yet another area she was surprised to see doing so well. Like I said I have side effects and I still have 10 more therapy sessions to go so anything could pop up, but I am thankful every day for Jesus giving me grace through all of this and always making sure I am not alone during this journey. Keep those prayers coming! Hugs.

The night before Chemotherapy is the night my family makes sure I get a good meal in and also a good breakfast before I leave for treatment because I lose my appetite for several days while getting therapy. Tonight my daughter is making stuffed shells, and salad, the girls requested ice cream. My neuropathy is gone right now so I will have a little of the ice cream too.

Breakfast we usually pick up on the way to my treatment depending on time. Last treatment with the modified chemotherapy I didn't lose my appetite as long and I only lost a pound and a half. The Dr. wants to know how I do this week with a full treatment plan again. Like I said I can deal with the weight loss I am a big girl, and our family Dr. is ok with the weight loss if I am still eating. I still have my food struggles but we are finding more foods that work around my fears which has helped me a lot. Again thank you for the support and keep those prayers coming.

Monday, January 31, 2022

Losing my hair

I am losing more and more hair each time I brush, the first time seeing full-length size strands though. Oh, the effects of chemotherapy.