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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Homeless in Marksville Day 20

Homeless in Marksville Day 20 July 25th, 2016

This morning Samantha came by to take us to do our laundry and check on me. We did our laundry then we were off to get a few things at the store including epsom salt to soak my toe in  before returning home.

Once home I tried to get a few things done but my toe was hurting more as the day went on so I decided to get into the tub to soak my foot. As the blood dissolved away, more of my toe nail lifted up. The only thing that kept it attached was a very small piece of skin that was holding on for dear life. I finally cut it with first aid scissors and was relieved of pain right away.

When I was all dry and ready for bed we were able to look at my toe more closely and thankfully the nail bed is still there, I just have to watch for ingrown toenails as it grows out again. I am just thankful the pain is gone.

When Dennis saw the picture on Facebook he had no idea it was that bad and is also glad that my toe is OK.  We were all tired from being up so late with my toe so we turned in early.

Monday, August 1, 2016

Homeless in Marksville Day 19

Homeless in Marksville Day 19 July 24, 2016

I slept in a bit then got all settled down to do some blogging when the girls showed up home two days early. I guess they were a little wild so they brought them home. So after the kids were settled we were starting to make Brownies when Deanna somehow tripped and stubbed her foot into my big toe.

All of a sudden there was pain and lots of blood everywhere. After things calmed down and a call to both Dennis and then Dennis to Samantha help was on the way. My left toe nail had literally cracked and then lifted up spraying blood everywhere. I am good at taking care of blood if it is not mine, but with mine I lose it fast.

After getting my toe wrapped up as much as possible and getting it higher then my heart, the adrenaline stopped and the pain started getting strong and my toe was throbbing bad. I was just starting to fall to sleep when Samantha came to check on me and the look on her face wasn't good, she said she would go to the hospital, but I said I would see how it was the next day.

My biggest fear is getting an infection so if I can get by without getting one I would be good to go. I took some pain medication and went to sleep while snuggling with the girls. By the way the brownies came out fine.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Homeless in Marksville Day 18

Homeless in Marksville Day 18 July 23, 2016

Saturday was pretty quiet. Just me here. I was able to get several blogs done and spend some time video chatting Dennis. I also took a nap and cleaned up the room. Being here without the kids is a bit different. Way to quiet by myself, but much appreciated.

I did go for a small walk to check the mail which I found out comes from the office not the mailboxes, but at least I now know how our mail comes. So far they have been bringing my review items over and leaving them outside of our room, which is working out good.

There are still a few packages missing, but most of the companies I am working with are replacing the items that are missing so I can get my reviews done which I am thankful for.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Homeless in Marksville Day 17

Homeless in Marksville Day 17  July 22, 2016

Today the girls and I had planned to sleep in, but we all woke up around 9 AM so we got dressed, had breakfast and then changed out the sheets, comforters, and even borrowed the vacumn from the maid so we could vacumn the room before the girls left to go with Dennise for the weekend.

Soon after Samantha came and dropped off Lilly as she was going with the girls to visit, but had to run back to her place to get her bathing suit. She dropped it off and then was off to get ready to go to work herself.

Shortly after she left Dennise showed up to take the girls for the weekend. I was able to chat with Dennis a bit while getting a few reviews done. I had a meeting with another agency that will help us out as well. Lots of paperwork, and a packet to be filled out by Monday which she will pick up. We will work with her 3 days a week for 3 months. If we still need help at the end of 3 months we get into another program that will run for a longer period of time for 2 days a week.

She will meet with Dennis sometime next week to get him up to speed on the program and what they are going to help us with. Not sure if the kids are ready for all of this but hey what ever gets us back on our feet the quickest I am all for.

Once she left I let the little boy next door play with my yoga ball and the baseball and bat that I am reviewing, while I was getting dinner ready, and trying to chat with Dennis. My internet has been iffy today so we were not able to communicate all that much. When I finally got a hold of him he was off with a friend from his job where he got hurt to attend a string quartet at a church his friend attends.

Anything that can get him out and about and keep him from being depressed I am all for. I thought I should get on here and finish my reviews but the internet is still iffy so I decided to get my blog up for today or at least write it and get it posted when the internet comes back on.

I have a lonely weekend ahead of me, so I am going to try and get ahead on my reviews as much as I can, get some reading in, maybe watch a few movies or shows, and take a nice relaxing bubble bath. I had bought it to have girls night with the girls but they aren't here so I thought I would have one with myself.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Homeless in Marksville Day 16

Homeless in Marksville Day 16, July 21, 2016

Here we are on what we call Homeless day. The kids and I are up and ready at the crack of dawn to be ready for our ride to Social Services. Deanna wanted to stay home so she stayed here, while Dorothy and I left to go.

I was dropped off at Columbia Opportunities to print off my apartment/ house searches which you have to do every week and you have to do at least 6. I am not sure why they don't have Computers or Printers available at Social Services for this as it would make things go more quickly as well as cut down on the gas and driving their workers are doing, but this is the way it works. Since our two printers are somewhere in storage and I wouldn't know how to hook up one without help from Dennis. He is the tech, I am the internet user.

I had to wait for the person who watches over the computers to get to work, As I have said before I know a lot of people and the person who looks after the computers is one of them. Once signed on  I was able to quickly print out what I needed. Dorothy enjoyed some chips from the computer baby sitter while I was doing my things, and then called for a ride from Columbia Opportunities to Department of Social Services to hand in my papers.

At Social Services you are greeted by two police officers. Sometimes I know who is on other times they are strangers to me. You go through a metal detector, then meet with a switchboard person who puts you name on a list and calls your worker.

My worker was out so a nice temp took my information and then got the OK for me to call and pay for a cab myself and when it was time to get a ride back to our motel they would pick me up at Walmart instead of at Department of Social Services.

Depending on what time you are picked up we were picked up around 8:45Am I was done with Columbia Opportunities before 10:00 AM and done with Social Services at 10:45 or so. I would have had to sit around Social Services from then till about 2:00-2:30 for my ride home.

I paid 6.00 for a cab from DSS to Walmart and gave the driver a 1.00 tip, so that I could get things we needed like food, dish soap, etc. I was also able to get a little something for the girls to keep them busy, and spend some one on one time with Dorothy which she didn't get at the beginning of the week due to Lilly being over.

They picked us up around 2:30 we had just gotten done with eating some ice cream cones from Walmart, so we loaded up the van and we were then driven home. When we got home Deanna has locked herself out of our room but it had just happened so she hadn't been out there long. I am so glad because it was hot.

We put everything away and Deanna said that Dennise had wanted to come and get her, Dorothy, and Lilly so they could swim this weekend and see the Fireworks. There was a bit of time getting everything settled but it did get done. You just can't make everyone happy so you have to compromise.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Homeless in Marksville Day 15

Homeless in Marksville Day 15 July 20th 2016

This morning we tried to sleep in but we were up early, ate breakfast, got dressed, and did a few things around the room until it was time to leave for Dorothy's appointment. Deanna stayed at the motel.

When we go to our appointment the cab was just dropping off our bag with my husband's shirt and Uno game inside. This cab company went above and beyond I give them a thumbs up for their effort.

Dorothy's appointment went well and she was only upset once when we were talking about her nightmares and sleepwalking. She used to have dreams where bunnies were eating her but we told her to feed them carrots and lettuce and they stopped but now she is having others and she won't tell us about them, I hope she tells her therapist about them.

When we got home we made dinner and then the kids went outside for a while. I am just finishing this up before I move on to my reviews as well as paperwork I have to have in for tomorrow. Thursdays for our family is what we call Homeless days will tell you more about how they go tomorrow as it will be my first time going through the whole process.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Homeless in Marksville Day 14

Today we were able to sleep in and enjoy the cool air but of course we really didn't sleep in too late. We knew Lilly would be dropped off my daughter was due for a procedure that later we found out was canceled, and Deanna would be coming home so she could go to her first therapy session.

We were able to get a few things done before they were here to pick us up for Deanna's appointment. It went well. Deanna acted up and fought with her sister right in front of the therapist so I guess that is good she saw it in action even if it was low level what she was seeing.

Right after we had an appointment for the girls to see Dennis, which went well. We did leave a bag in the cab that had my husband's shirt and the Uno game in it, but Dennis had cards with him so they were still able to play. The therapist noticed how Deanna lied and cheated through the whole game even though Dennis tried to get her to play fairly.

Once we were home we were all tuckered out so took a small nap, then we had dinner, and I did my reviews before we watched an episode of Gidget before we turned in for the night.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Homeless in Marksville Day 12

Homeless in Marksville Day 12 July 17th 2016

Hello everyone I have my grand daughter today as well. My daughter will be taking me to the store and to do laundry tomorrow. The girls and I walked over to the Dollar General. I had to sit down a few times but we made it there and back in one piece.

Washing Dishes when you are homeless in a Motel.

I thought I would take this time to explain how we do dishes when you live in a motel. First of all the only sink you have is the one in the bathroom so you have to keep it clean all of the time because you will be washing the dishes you are going to be eating off near the place you deposit all of your food when your body is done with it. Certainly not the cleanest place to do your dishes but better then nothing at all.

First of all I stack all of the dishes to one side. We are lucky that this one has a small counter around it, at the last place we only had a short pedestal sink which was barely big enough to wash your hands in. Then I fill the sink with soapy water wash the dishes, then let the water out, rinse the dishes, and then I place a hand towel from the motel (we didn't have that option in the last place) into the bottom of a .96 dish pan that I picked up to stack the clean dishes in (someone what like a dish drainer but smaller). Once the dishes are dry we put them away.

Now back to our day which was pretty much the same as the day before just with the added walk and fresh air. I did take a video and a few pictures but of course the walk tuckered me right out, so we  turned in early.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Homeless in Marksville Day 11

Still hot in our room they are supposed to change it out the air conditioner soon. We have my grand daughter today so it was pretty busy. The girls played with the neighbors boy and a boy who stayed the night in one of the other motel rooms here.

We didn't get to that picnic since the kids were playing so hard. We found out that they don't come around to the rooms on the weekends so looks like we have to wait for those towels. Yesterday when Dorothy took her shower she didn't know to have the shower curtain on the inside of the bathtub she is used to two shower curtains one inside and one outside, so all of the towels were used to wipe up the soaked floor.

My room needs a major overhaul. Before Deanna left she moved everything but she never seems to move things were they are useful, but at least she was busy. I will be working on putting everything back where they belong as well as making things more accessible.

My back is feeling better so I hope to video where we are to send a copy to my husband to see so he knows how it is here for us. I also want to take some pictures while the flowers are in bloom. The grounds are really beautiful here.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Homeless in Marksville Day 10

Homeless in Marksville Day 10  July 15th 2016

We all woke up to a really hot room. Seems like our air conditioner is on the fritz. I didn't have time to stop at the office before we left for court. Court went as well as expected but not happy with how long it is between the next court date. I want this over so our family can be whole again, pronto.

Dorothy wants her father home, she doesn't feel safe without him or our Saint Bernard, and she asks when we can go home. She just doesn't understand that we can't afford anything on our own until disability kicks in.

She was looking through my cards in my wallet and found the card from where our stuff is stored and now she understands where our belongings and all of her toys are. A friend took me grocery shopping, and Deanna went up with Dennise for a few days to give everyone a rest. Seriously my back stopped tensing almost as soon as she left. Not totally but a bunch. It hurts to even write that because I love her the same as all of the children but between her disrespectful talking, hurting her sister, and how she treats me on a daily basis we all just needed a break for a few days.

Samantha came over to take me to the store to get a few things, and since she just started her new job I had Lilly. She should be home soon to get her, but I wanted to get this post up and scheduled.

Our toilet if fixed, we took our garbage to the dumpster, but our air conditioner is still on the fritz. From what I am understanding they have been replacing them as they are breaking down so looks like ours might be next so tonight we are sleeping with the fan on and cold washcloths to keep us cool.

I am making headway on catching up with my reviews but I still have a ways to go. Hoping to get some more done tomorrow as well as getting some giveaways posted for my readers. There is a little boy next door who is starving for someone to play with, Dorothy will play for a while, but he is younger, and is not a girl so she tires of him quickly. He is just curios like most boys are, so having Lilly here was a nice treat for him.

It will be just me and Dorothy tomorrow so we are planning on having a picnic out by the picnic table. We might try a walk, or just hang out watching some movies which we haven't' done in a while. I also plan to sleep in, which is greatly needed. Will try and fill you in on a little more about our circumstances with the next post.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Homeless in Marksville Day 9

Homeless in  Marksville Day 9 July 14th 2016

We were up nice and early to get packed and moved to our new motel. Once our ride was there we packed up the van and were on our way to our new motel. When we first got here they didn't have our paperwork but the owner still let me have the keys so I could call and get the papers faxed to them ASAP.

We did a quick clean up, hooked up the internet. The computer had no problem but to use our iPod or iPad we have to walk down two doors for it to work. The kids are much happier here although the beds could be bigger then are very soft and comfortable.

Soon after we were settled we were off to Dorothy's appointment which went well, and then home again. The kids had wanted to go swimming but when we went to swim we were told the people who were homeless couldn't swim.

I felt like a Jewish person during the Holocaust, and Dorothy was devastated. The case worker will be hearing from me on Monday and maybe she can explain to the owner it doesn't matter who is paying for us to stay here we are still paying guests.

We went back to the room, where we had dinner, took showers, and turned in for the night.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Homeless in Marksville Day 8

Homeless in Marksville Day 8 July 13th 2016

Dorothy started off by going to summer school although once we are moved not sure if they will be able to transport or not. I wish they had more motels near our school that provided this service. My husband informed me that they pay his motel 1950.00 a month for him to stay there. That is more then our rent was. I just don't understand why they couldn't just pay to keep us where we were. The would have saved money instead of spending so much.

I guess it is just the way the Government thinks, half assed backwards in most of their affairs. I am just thankful that we have a roof over our heads and we will be in a safer place.

While I was writing this I was given the confirmation they are moving us at 10 am in the morning to a new motel. Yes we will even have internet which I need for many things I need to get done. I also got a call from the therapist for both of the girls so their appointments are also set up.

One more step forward in all of this mess. So tomorrow we have the move then a therapy session, so I will leave you with that so we can get everything packed again. Wish us luck and prayers are always excepted.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Homeless in Marksville Day 7

Homeless in Marksville Day 7 July 12th 2016

We were able to get to sleep around 2am woke up at 3am with Dorothy having nightmares, thanks to the people fighting last night, and then awoke again at 5:30am because Dorothy had peed the bed. Certainly not the night I was looking for and not the way I wanted to wake up.

We were out of bed showered, dressed, and ready when our ride arrived. Our trip to DSS went well, they are working on moving us ASAP. I was able to get a ride to the laundry mat where we did our laundry of course. We walked over to the Family Dollar store to get a brush, some ponytail holders, as well as a few other items the girls needed.

Back to the laundry to get our clothes and off to Burger King to eat lunch. Everything was going fine and all of a sudden Dorothy started to choke, I gave her a few seconds to see if she could get it up herself but her lips started to turn blue so my trusty heimlick remover came to the rescue. Thankfully I have only had to use it twice in my life. Once on a child in my child care and once on Dorothy.

She was a little scared to eat at first but she did finish her lunch and later had an ice cream. Deanna laughed at first because she didn't know she was really choking, but once she saw it was serious she generally showed concern.

After lunch Deanna went to girls group, then later was dropped off at Burger King and we made our way back to the laundry mat. I was very thankful to have internet and be able to put up a picture of Dorothy as well as get some messages answered, and updated post on Facebook. I wish I had charged my iPad before I left because I could have done more and wish I had brought my laptop. I could have gotten a few reviews up at least.

We were picked up from the laundry mat to take the girls to see Dennis. The visit went way better then expected. We are now at the motel. While I am cooking dinner the girls are playing outside with the other girls. Deanna needed some decompression time so she went for a walk.

I am ever thankful for my family, the roof over our heads,the people who keep us in their prayers, those who call us, check in on us, and the few who have helped us along the way.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Homeless in Marksville Day 6

Homeless in Marksville Day 6 July 11 2016

Today we were able to sleep in a bit, cleaned the room, and then rested in our room. Deanna's lawyer came to see her. Deanna's attitude is getting to extremes. She hurts her sister and calls me all sorts of names with swear words just spewing out of her mouth. Very unlady like and we hope she can get some help soon.

Samantha and Lilly came to check on us and take us shopping. We have a busy day tomorrow with appointments and doing laundry as well as the kids seeing Dennis. Dorothy can't wait to see Dennis and Deanna is just her plain old mean self. I hope she is in better spirits tomorrow.

Dorothy started to cry saying she wanted to go home and I told her for now this is home but soon enough we will again have our place to live with our own things.

I pray that whatever has gotten into her leaves her soon. Nights here are something. Tonight we have a guy who punched his girlfriend and has a knife that he is trying to get into their room with. On top of that all you can smell coming in our bathroom window is marijuana smoke.

I just try to keep the kids inside so that they don't get hurt. There is always something going on here. I was able to set up bus transportation for Dorothy for school.

The police and owner showed up and the couple had an excuse for everything so the police left and said there was nothing they could do about the marijuana as long as they were in there room doing it.

At this time I just hope they are quite so we can get some sleep,we have a busy day ahead of us tomorrow.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Homeless in Marksville Day 5

Homeless in Marksville Day 5 July 10 2016

I talked to the owner and as long as they confirm the bill will be in my name and not be billed to the motel we are cleared for getting internet which I am so excited about as well as my children and the children of the lady who helped us out when we got here.

I have found that for the most part everyone looks out for each other with some squabbles but when it comes to the kids everyone takes care of each other which I am glad to see.

From what I understand every room here except for one has a homeless family or person in it. That is really sad if you ask me and confirmation that the economy is not better at all. The rooms are still being renovated so I still have faith we can get more comfortable beds as well as chairs for our room.

The internet will just make it easier for me to keep the girls busy between the shows they like to watch and the websites they can go to play games as they are not supposed to be outside at all to play.

Children need to play so I will be bringing this up to my case worker to see if there is a more kid friendly place to stay. Most of the families here have kids and they want to play not be cooped up inside a room for months or in some cases years at a time.

The kids have been communicating with each other through walkie talkies through out the motel, if and when our internet is on I will be ordering a set for my girls so they can converse with the friends they made here as well.

My back is feeling better not a 100% but getting better none the less. I am hoping in a few days I can at least stand and walk straight which will help alot. I feel like the hunchback of notre dame.

I started a book yesterday, finished it this morning, read another whole book, now I am on my third book here. I am running out of kindle books that are downloaded on my iPad so I hope to be near or get internet soon.

I am off for the night to read, get the kids ready for bed, and maybe catch something on TV. Last night we watched Grown Ups 2 well at least I did the girls were having a tickle fest while talking on the phone with their friends.

Remember always pay it forward you have no idea how much it can make a difference.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Homeless in Marksville Day 4

Homeless in Marksville Day 4 July 9th 2016

Today I was able to sleep in. I had hoped my back would feel better but it is still overcast and raining on and off so I will give my back a few more days to feel better since the forecast calls for two more days of rain, before making a Dr.'s appointment.

My daughter, her girlfriend, and her mother came down to check on me and the kids as well as take me to the store so I could pick up some things we needed like toilet paper. What motel doesn't provide toilet paper? The one we are staying at I guess. I also picked up some food for my husband that my daughter's girlfriends mom dropped off for him.

I was able to get everything on our list and some treats as well for the kids. Then we returned home. My daughter will be visiting her dad on Monday on the way back from her concert.

The kids played with Dorothy's new play-doh set while sharing cupcakes with the other homeless kids here. There isn't much to do here other then sit and watch TV or sit outside of your door.

Things aren't perfect but I am glad the kids have made friends. So far I have met three of the families here as well as one of the kids from a family on the other end who enjoyed a treat with the kids the other day. Pretty much the whole motel here is full of homeless families except for one room which they save for cash paying customers.

I will be talking to the owner tomorrow about getting a password for the internet if there is one available, and if not asking if I can get a router put in. I called the cable company that services here and they said if I get permission they will put one in for us. The kids are super excited for this to happen.

You may ask what I have been doing with all of the extra time. Well I have been reading the books I have on my iPad mini from Kindle need to sync soon to get new books while taking ones I have already read off. Again the internet is needed. Other then that I have been trying to get adjusted to this new way of living while trying to keep it fun for the girls.

That is about it for day 4, going to take a shower and read some more before turning in for the night.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Homeless in Marksville Day 3

Homeless in Marksville Day 3 July 8th 2016

Today was a bit better with the toaster oven to help out as well as the towels, and other items we had bought making things a bit easier on us. It has been a quite day not much of the kids playing other then sitting outside the door and talking.

We found out today they don't provide toilet paper and you are supposed to clean the floors and fixtures yourself which seems a bit strange so we had to borrow a broom from one of the other families here to clean up a bit. We wash our dishes in a tiny bathroom sink.

My husband wants us to get a hot plate but I can not see how I would be able to clean a pan in the sink as it would be bigger then the sink. We are on day three and no one has asked us if we need clean sheets or blankets.

They aren't dirty yet and we are thankful no cockroaches or bedbugs but we have heard rumors that two doors down they do have bed bugs but none here so we are feeling blessed in that alone.

The hotel has been renovated to a point as in new bathroom, air conditioner/heater, but the beds are old as well as the table with no chairs, desk, and nightstand. I am thinking they will add things on as they make it more presentable.

It is getting to be around 9 here so the girls will be coming in to take their showers etc and maybe watch something on TV. We have been watching the food network, in the mornings Dorothy watches the Disney channel and if I have the TV on we are watching old shows like the Andy Griffith Show.

All we have with us is a flashdrive with Big Bang Theory on it as well as the full run of Gidget which I am saving for a boring day for the girls to start watching. Missing Netflix and Amazon something fierce.

I am going to try and ask the owner tomorrow if they are going to be getting wifi or if he has a line I can hook up to a couple of hours a day to get my posts up  and stay in touch with family and friends. I noticed there  are two wifi with two wifi guest signals here but I don't know the password so wish me luck in finding a way on so I can stay in touch with everyone.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Homeless in Marksville Day 2

Homeless in Marksville Day 2 July 7th 2016

Day 2 started with the lady who helped us out the night before sending over cereal and milk for the girls. Once the girls were done with breakfast they returned the cereal and milk to the lady and played with her girls pretty much all day.

I layed down after my back medication which isn't even touching the pain. It usually puts me to sleep with in 15 minutes but it isn't even doing that. Dorothy laid down beside me and fell asleep as well.

Then there was a knock on the door someone came from DSS to take us shopping. What a Godsend. My husband must have been on the phone all morning making phone calls and getting things set in motion for us.

We went to Walmart and were able to get food to last us until we get to go out again as well as some microwavable products to be able to cook our meals on. While there we ran into my son who works 7 days a week and let him know where we were.

We returned to the motel to find out yet another person my husband had contacted had brought by a pay as you go cell phone, a toaster oven, can opener which we didn't buy, as well as some extra water, food, and fresh fruit for the girls.

While we were out we bought ice cream for the girls to share with the kids here as there is no where to keep ice cream here so I thought everyone would like a treat as well as cupcakes. The kids played hard.

I was able to get the pay as you go phone up and going all on my own, something that is usually left to my husband to do but I thought I should learn how to do it myself. I called my husband who was glad to hear my voice and to know people had come by to take us shopping.

I found out where they have him he had fallen on the broken tile in his bathroom and had to call 911. He spent 7 hours in the hospital and then they released him with some pain medication and muscle relaxers. One the kids were done playing we all turned for the night.

My husband had certainly been busy and those who could came through to give us some help. Still missing the internet but hope to get these posts posted when I can get near wifi.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Homeless in Marksville Day 1

Homeless in Marksville Day 1 July 6th 2016
Here we are on the 6th of July finally homeless. Being homeless isn't easy but we are still blessed to have a roof over our heads while many others are on the streets with no place to go.

The day started with us getting up early in the morning to pack the rest of our belonging we could fit into storage and then waiting for someone to pick us up to go the homeless unit. By the time we got a ride we were just getting there before they closed, so I am hoping this motel is just temporary.

Alas I am stuck in a motel where you can't drink the water, they don't provide towels, they have a tiny fridge that will not hold a weeks worth of food which they tell you to buy until they can take you out the following week to shop again. There is as small microwave which I don't even think is big enough to fit a coffee cup into, and a 13 inch tv with cable. We have been TV free for over 12 years.

I just want my children to be able to watch their shows on Netflix and Amazon which are totally paid for instead of all this commercial crap they show on TV. I keep thanking God but I had really hoped for a place with wifi so I could keep up to date with my blogs and reviews.

With all of the packing, moving, etc which would have not happened without the help of some awesome strangers, a very little help from family, my back is so sore I can hardly move without another spasm starting in. I couldn't take the medicine for my back before we were settled because I needed to be awake not in a sleep coma which this medicine does to me.

Once we were at the motel a nice lady and her two girls helped us get settled gave us bottled water, a towel and washcloth to use, as well as ramen noodles and microwave bowls to borrow. Later that night she ordered pizza. She is a real blessing along with her two children who quickly became friends with my daughters.

The lady also let me borrow her phone to call my husband and let him know what was going on.The girls took showers and then we all went to bed.