Saturday, July 23, 2016

Homeless in Marksville Day 10

Homeless in Marksville Day 10  July 15th 2016

We all woke up to a really hot room. Seems like our air conditioner is on the fritz. I didn't have time to stop at the office before we left for court. Court went as well as expected but not happy with how long it is between the next court date. I want this over so our family can be whole again, pronto.

Dorothy wants her father home, she doesn't feel safe without him or our Saint Bernard, and she asks when we can go home. She just doesn't understand that we can't afford anything on our own until disability kicks in.

She was looking through my cards in my wallet and found the card from where our stuff is stored and now she understands where our belongings and all of her toys are. A friend took me grocery shopping, and Deanna went up with Dennise for a few days to give everyone a rest. Seriously my back stopped tensing almost as soon as she left. Not totally but a bunch. It hurts to even write that because I love her the same as all of the children but between her disrespectful talking, hurting her sister, and how she treats me on a daily basis we all just needed a break for a few days.

Samantha came over to take me to the store to get a few things, and since she just started her new job I had Lilly. She should be home soon to get her, but I wanted to get this post up and scheduled.

Our toilet if fixed, we took our garbage to the dumpster, but our air conditioner is still on the fritz. From what I am understanding they have been replacing them as they are breaking down so looks like ours might be next so tonight we are sleeping with the fan on and cold washcloths to keep us cool.

I am making headway on catching up with my reviews but I still have a ways to go. Hoping to get some more done tomorrow as well as getting some giveaways posted for my readers. There is a little boy next door who is starving for someone to play with, Dorothy will play for a while, but he is younger, and is not a girl so she tires of him quickly. He is just curios like most boys are, so having Lilly here was a nice treat for him.

It will be just me and Dorothy tomorrow so we are planning on having a picnic out by the picnic table. We might try a walk, or just hang out watching some movies which we haven't' done in a while. I also plan to sleep in, which is greatly needed. Will try and fill you in on a little more about our circumstances with the next post.

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