Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Homeless in Marksville Day 7

Homeless in Marksville Day 7 July 12th 2016

We were able to get to sleep around 2am woke up at 3am with Dorothy having nightmares, thanks to the people fighting last night, and then awoke again at 5:30am because Dorothy had peed the bed. Certainly not the night I was looking for and not the way I wanted to wake up.

We were out of bed showered, dressed, and ready when our ride arrived. Our trip to DSS went well, they are working on moving us ASAP. I was able to get a ride to the laundry mat where we did our laundry of course. We walked over to the Family Dollar store to get a brush, some ponytail holders, as well as a few other items the girls needed.

Back to the laundry to get our clothes and off to Burger King to eat lunch. Everything was going fine and all of a sudden Dorothy started to choke, I gave her a few seconds to see if she could get it up herself but her lips started to turn blue so my trusty heimlick remover came to the rescue. Thankfully I have only had to use it twice in my life. Once on a child in my child care and once on Dorothy.

She was a little scared to eat at first but she did finish her lunch and later had an ice cream. Deanna laughed at first because she didn't know she was really choking, but once she saw it was serious she generally showed concern.

After lunch Deanna went to girls group, then later was dropped off at Burger King and we made our way back to the laundry mat. I was very thankful to have internet and be able to put up a picture of Dorothy as well as get some messages answered, and updated post on Facebook. I wish I had charged my iPad before I left because I could have done more and wish I had brought my laptop. I could have gotten a few reviews up at least.

We were picked up from the laundry mat to take the girls to see Dennis. The visit went way better then expected. We are now at the motel. While I am cooking dinner the girls are playing outside with the other girls. Deanna needed some decompression time so she went for a walk.

I am ever thankful for my family, the roof over our heads,the people who keep us in their prayers, those who call us, check in on us, and the few who have helped us along the way.

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