Sunday, July 17, 2016

Homeless in Marksville Day 4

Homeless in Marksville Day 4 July 9th 2016

Today I was able to sleep in. I had hoped my back would feel better but it is still overcast and raining on and off so I will give my back a few more days to feel better since the forecast calls for two more days of rain, before making a Dr.'s appointment.

My daughter, her girlfriend, and her mother came down to check on me and the kids as well as take me to the store so I could pick up some things we needed like toilet paper. What motel doesn't provide toilet paper? The one we are staying at I guess. I also picked up some food for my husband that my daughter's girlfriends mom dropped off for him.

I was able to get everything on our list and some treats as well for the kids. Then we returned home. My daughter will be visiting her dad on Monday on the way back from her concert.

The kids played with Dorothy's new play-doh set while sharing cupcakes with the other homeless kids here. There isn't much to do here other then sit and watch TV or sit outside of your door.

Things aren't perfect but I am glad the kids have made friends. So far I have met three of the families here as well as one of the kids from a family on the other end who enjoyed a treat with the kids the other day. Pretty much the whole motel here is full of homeless families except for one room which they save for cash paying customers.

I will be talking to the owner tomorrow about getting a password for the internet if there is one available, and if not asking if I can get a router put in. I called the cable company that services here and they said if I get permission they will put one in for us. The kids are super excited for this to happen.

You may ask what I have been doing with all of the extra time. Well I have been reading the books I have on my iPad mini from Kindle need to sync soon to get new books while taking ones I have already read off. Again the internet is needed. Other then that I have been trying to get adjusted to this new way of living while trying to keep it fun for the girls.

That is about it for day 4, going to take a shower and read some more before turning in for the night.

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