Friday, July 22, 2016

Homeless in Marksville Day 9

Homeless in  Marksville Day 9 July 14th 2016

We were up nice and early to get packed and moved to our new motel. Once our ride was there we packed up the van and were on our way to our new motel. When we first got here they didn't have our paperwork but the owner still let me have the keys so I could call and get the papers faxed to them ASAP.

We did a quick clean up, hooked up the internet. The computer had no problem but to use our iPod or iPad we have to walk down two doors for it to work. The kids are much happier here although the beds could be bigger then are very soft and comfortable.

Soon after we were settled we were off to Dorothy's appointment which went well, and then home again. The kids had wanted to go swimming but when we went to swim we were told the people who were homeless couldn't swim.

I felt like a Jewish person during the Holocaust, and Dorothy was devastated. The case worker will be hearing from me on Monday and maybe she can explain to the owner it doesn't matter who is paying for us to stay here we are still paying guests.

We went back to the room, where we had dinner, took showers, and turned in for the night.

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