Friday, July 15, 2016

Homeless in Marksville Day 2

Homeless in Marksville Day 2 July 7th 2016

Day 2 started with the lady who helped us out the night before sending over cereal and milk for the girls. Once the girls were done with breakfast they returned the cereal and milk to the lady and played with her girls pretty much all day.

I layed down after my back medication which isn't even touching the pain. It usually puts me to sleep with in 15 minutes but it isn't even doing that. Dorothy laid down beside me and fell asleep as well.

Then there was a knock on the door someone came from DSS to take us shopping. What a Godsend. My husband must have been on the phone all morning making phone calls and getting things set in motion for us.

We went to Walmart and were able to get food to last us until we get to go out again as well as some microwavable products to be able to cook our meals on. While there we ran into my son who works 7 days a week and let him know where we were.

We returned to the motel to find out yet another person my husband had contacted had brought by a pay as you go cell phone, a toaster oven, can opener which we didn't buy, as well as some extra water, food, and fresh fruit for the girls.

While we were out we bought ice cream for the girls to share with the kids here as there is no where to keep ice cream here so I thought everyone would like a treat as well as cupcakes. The kids played hard.

I was able to get the pay as you go phone up and going all on my own, something that is usually left to my husband to do but I thought I should learn how to do it myself. I called my husband who was glad to hear my voice and to know people had come by to take us shopping.

I found out where they have him he had fallen on the broken tile in his bathroom and had to call 911. He spent 7 hours in the hospital and then they released him with some pain medication and muscle relaxers. One the kids were done playing we all turned for the night.

My husband had certainly been busy and those who could came through to give us some help. Still missing the internet but hope to get these posts posted when I can get near wifi.

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