Monday, July 18, 2016

Homeless in Marksville Day 5

Homeless in Marksville Day 5 July 10 2016

I talked to the owner and as long as they confirm the bill will be in my name and not be billed to the motel we are cleared for getting internet which I am so excited about as well as my children and the children of the lady who helped us out when we got here.

I have found that for the most part everyone looks out for each other with some squabbles but when it comes to the kids everyone takes care of each other which I am glad to see.

From what I understand every room here except for one has a homeless family or person in it. That is really sad if you ask me and confirmation that the economy is not better at all. The rooms are still being renovated so I still have faith we can get more comfortable beds as well as chairs for our room.

The internet will just make it easier for me to keep the girls busy between the shows they like to watch and the websites they can go to play games as they are not supposed to be outside at all to play.

Children need to play so I will be bringing this up to my case worker to see if there is a more kid friendly place to stay. Most of the families here have kids and they want to play not be cooped up inside a room for months or in some cases years at a time.

The kids have been communicating with each other through walkie talkies through out the motel, if and when our internet is on I will be ordering a set for my girls so they can converse with the friends they made here as well.

My back is feeling better not a 100% but getting better none the less. I am hoping in a few days I can at least stand and walk straight which will help alot. I feel like the hunchback of notre dame.

I started a book yesterday, finished it this morning, read another whole book, now I am on my third book here. I am running out of kindle books that are downloaded on my iPad so I hope to be near or get internet soon.

I am off for the night to read, get the kids ready for bed, and maybe catch something on TV. Last night we watched Grown Ups 2 well at least I did the girls were having a tickle fest while talking on the phone with their friends.

Remember always pay it forward you have no idea how much it can make a difference.

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