Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Homeless in Marksville Day 6

Homeless in Marksville Day 6 July 11 2016

Today we were able to sleep in a bit, cleaned the room, and then rested in our room. Deanna's lawyer came to see her. Deanna's attitude is getting to extremes. She hurts her sister and calls me all sorts of names with swear words just spewing out of her mouth. Very unlady like and we hope she can get some help soon.

Samantha and Lilly came to check on us and take us shopping. We have a busy day tomorrow with appointments and doing laundry as well as the kids seeing Dennis. Dorothy can't wait to see Dennis and Deanna is just her plain old mean self. I hope she is in better spirits tomorrow.

Dorothy started to cry saying she wanted to go home and I told her for now this is home but soon enough we will again have our place to live with our own things.

I pray that whatever has gotten into her leaves her soon. Nights here are something. Tonight we have a guy who punched his girlfriend and has a knife that he is trying to get into their room with. On top of that all you can smell coming in our bathroom window is marijuana smoke.

I just try to keep the kids inside so that they don't get hurt. There is always something going on here. I was able to set up bus transportation for Dorothy for school.

The police and owner showed up and the couple had an excuse for everything so the police left and said there was nothing they could do about the marijuana as long as they were in there room doing it.

At this time I just hope they are quite so we can get some sleep,we have a busy day ahead of us tomorrow.

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