Saturday, July 16, 2016

Homeless in Marksville Day 3

Homeless in Marksville Day 3 July 8th 2016

Today was a bit better with the toaster oven to help out as well as the towels, and other items we had bought making things a bit easier on us. It has been a quite day not much of the kids playing other then sitting outside the door and talking.

We found out today they don't provide toilet paper and you are supposed to clean the floors and fixtures yourself which seems a bit strange so we had to borrow a broom from one of the other families here to clean up a bit. We wash our dishes in a tiny bathroom sink.

My husband wants us to get a hot plate but I can not see how I would be able to clean a pan in the sink as it would be bigger then the sink. We are on day three and no one has asked us if we need clean sheets or blankets.

They aren't dirty yet and we are thankful no cockroaches or bedbugs but we have heard rumors that two doors down they do have bed bugs but none here so we are feeling blessed in that alone.

The hotel has been renovated to a point as in new bathroom, air conditioner/heater, but the beds are old as well as the table with no chairs, desk, and nightstand. I am thinking they will add things on as they make it more presentable.

It is getting to be around 9 here so the girls will be coming in to take their showers etc and maybe watch something on TV. We have been watching the food network, in the mornings Dorothy watches the Disney channel and if I have the TV on we are watching old shows like the Andy Griffith Show.

All we have with us is a flashdrive with Big Bang Theory on it as well as the full run of Gidget which I am saving for a boring day for the girls to start watching. Missing Netflix and Amazon something fierce.

I am going to try and ask the owner tomorrow if they are going to be getting wifi or if he has a line I can hook up to a couple of hours a day to get my posts up  and stay in touch with family and friends. I noticed there  are two wifi with two wifi guest signals here but I don't know the password so wish me luck in finding a way on so I can stay in touch with everyone.

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