Thursday, February 10, 2022

They are going to operate again

No mass in the gallbladder just a large stone blocking so my gallbladder is enlarged and I have an infection. We blew a vein this morning and now my port isn’t working right. I am supposed to go down for a radioactive scan of my gallbladder but not sure about vein and port problems. They are trying not to operate if they don’t need to, dangerous like last, but this test should give them the definitive answer on their next step. Same surgical team, so I feel I am in good hands. Jesus is with me every step of the way. Hugs to everyone.

They got my port to work now we can move forward.

Update, they don’t have enough time for a radioactive scan as I will be having surgery first thing in the morning to remove my gallbladder, they are going to try a robot as I will be in a different position and should have no lung problems this time but they are also ready if it ends up being open surgery. I have the same surgery team so they know what they are up against. I should be out by 12 and my husband will update as needed, not everyone can see his posts so hopefully, I will update when I can. Keep me in your prayers. Your words of encouragement mean the world to me. Hugs

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