Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Day 5 after Surgery

 This was me yesterday, it was rough. Two new Ivs running with tons of goodies going in. Fluids, another iron infusion, potassium, Tylenol, and the rest of my medications are crushed, then mixed with liquid and pushed through the NG tube. I am not eating anything and I’m not hungry at all. I am feeling a little better today.

They helped me wash up, a little hard with tubes and wires everywhere. Just to go to the bathroom is quite the ordeal. My output from NG tube is lower but not low enough to test to see if it can come out yet. They said at least 1-2 more days.

I am passing gas out my rear now so that is a good sign tho gs are progressing. The NG tube is uncomfortable but better than the severe pain I was in. I only have a little pain when moving or transferring. It’s mainly because my stomach and intestines aren’t working together as they should. I am in better spirits today. The staff is awesome here.

When I get to go home I will have visiting nurses and all the equipment I need should be dropped off and ready for me. They said I will find out the staging of my cancer by 2 weeks from the day of my surgery taking into account the holiday. Thank you to everyone for the encouragement and prayers. Keep them coming.

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