Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Day 5 after surgery


Things went downhill really fast yesterday. I started to get really tired, out of breath, stomach discomfort, super hot, and vomiting. They did an iron infusion and I tried to rest but couldn’t. They did an exray then put in an NG tube which is uncomfortable but relieved the pain, nausea, and hotness. I vomited up over 1000 of whatever they measured by and another 650 from the machine. My belly could have burst. I am so thankful please keep the prayers coming. They are thinking of 2-3 days with this.

Side note which was written after this happened. Things changed really quickly from lip gloss to feeling I wasn't getting enough air. It was hard to breathe, I was really tired, and discomfort everywhere. I was super hot and vomiting. The Nurse finally gave me Zofran but soon after I vomited again. She asked if they had flushed it and I said no I vomited in one of the bags. She asked where it was. I said in the bathroom. She looked at it, and took my oxygen level as I was having a hard time breathing which showed 82 she got on the phone right away and called for a Dr. Stat.

I was sent to get an X-ray which was very uncomfortable I just wanted my husband with me and thought I was going to die. Once back they tried inserting an NG tube up my nose and it wouldn't go apparently I have a deviated septum so they tried the other side and it went down. I told them I had a bad gag reflex and they said everyone says that. Well, two nurses were at the top of the bed with me, and two nurses at the foot of my bed.

One nurse had the hose, one had a cup with a straw, and not sure what the other two were doing other than trying to encourage me that things would be fine and trying to give me instructions. It was all a blur of trying to drink water while they were putting the hose down my nose and then the nonstop projectile vomiting that sprayed all over myself and the nurses at the foot of the bed.

They were able to get the tube in and immediately my pain was gone, the machine started sucking out my stomach. They said they had never had that much come out of a person before and they had no idea how much had been soaked up by the bedding. The bedding was soaked, and the nurses were soaked but their job wasn't done. My bed clothing was also soaked so they had to cut my gown off and make sure my incision did not get soiled. Cleaned up the bed, helped me get new bed clothes on, and settled before they could go and clean themselves up. I just kept apologizing.

I told them to call my husband I wanted him there with me.

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