Sunday, August 22, 2021

Saw the Surgeon on Friday

     I have been meaning to update everyone it's just been hard. Thursday Night my Dr. called with the biopsy results. I have Cancer in my Colon and they aren't a 100% they got it all. Friday I had my appointment with my Surgeon and that was just a mess. She didn't have any of the information she should have had and the Cancer really changes things up.

    Where she thought we could wait has turned into we have to do this so she needed the updated Scans etc to be able to let me know what their office could do if anything. More or less she said operating on me is very dangerous and it could shorten my lifespan considerably if I were to even make it through. Not what I wanted to hear but will listen to what she has to say on Monday.

Of course, I am going to get a second opinion because I just can't go into an operation with someone who is already doubting what they are capable of. On a good note, I was able to leave a message with my Hematologists office as she is also an Oncologist. They left a message that they will call on Monday as well. Please keep my children, my husband, and myself in your prayers.

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