Monday, August 23, 2021

Lots of phone calls

     Today I was able to talk to my gynecologist, hematologist, and my Surgeon. I am set up for the ultrasound on my ovaries where they found a growth last year in July for early September and my appointment for mid-September with my gynecologist.

    They are getting the scans from my Gastroenterologist. My Hematologist is reviewing the paperwork and has set me up with the best Oncologist they have, they will be calling tomorrow with my appointments. My Surgeon had more information but still not all of it, she wants it all from day one but has come up with a plan where I am going to see the Surgeons from Albany Med as they have the resources I will need after the operation no matter what they run into.

    She said I will have 24/7 nurses and doctors on hand until after I am out of the woods. I am just a complicated case they need to pay close attention to. I now know where my cancer is but not how far along I am other than the cancer is still in the wall of my colon so we need to get it out soon. The Cancer is on my right side below my gall bladder. They may have to take my whole large intestine but I will update you as we know more. Thank you to everyone who has been calling, texting, and most importantly praying.

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