Friday, September 3, 2021

From Dry to Supple

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 My daughter has been dealing with sore dry cracked lips. It really came out of no where an in the middle of the summer. Nothing seemed to be working. We were lucky enough to be able to try out pureauty naturals collagen lip mask which if you look from the first treatment to day 9 of treatment you can see just how much her lips have healed. 

Of course I am no scientist to know if the lip mask really did anything or not but we were using our regular lip balms with no results and the pictures and her smile are enough for me to encourage me to keep this on hand in the future just in case. 

We love that it is made in the USA, is cruelty free, and is easy to apply. It has a minty scent but didn't cause any irritation to my daughter while using which is a big factor when you are trying to heal something. Lips are so delicate. 

If you are interested check it out by clicking the product picture below or at the top of the post. 

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