Sunday, December 19, 2021

Met with my Oncologist

 I wanted to update everyone. I had my oncologist appointment last Thursday. My daughter and I will be attending education day this week. Between then and January 6th I will have a small surgery where they put in a port for my medications as well as a pre-treatment day.

I am stage 3A pT1 N1A colon cancer. I will be getting chemotherapy every other week for 6 months. On Thursdays starting January 6th one treatment will be done at the clinic and the second will be done at home for the next two days via a pump. The pump gets disconnected on a Saturday.

My Oncologist and Hematologist will be working hand in hand to monitor me the whole way. I have several health issues that may make this a bit tedious. I am already anemic so they know they will probably have to stop and restart treatment to let my body heal.

I already have a bleeding disorder and these treatments will make spontaneous bleeding happen more often. I will be having many blood tests and checkups along the way. They aren't sure how long my body will take the treatments before they may need to stop them so that is a toss-up.

The side effects are not pleasant, but we are trying to get the things we need in our home before we need them to make it easier on my husband who likes to be prepared, he doesn't like surprises. When I left the hospital I weighed a lot more than when I went in. I lost all of that which was about 25 lbs, as well as 30 lbs of my before-operation weight. I'm a big girl so the loss of weight isn't a worry for me like it would be for someone who is thin.

We will keep you updated as often as we can. Thank you all for the support and keep those prayers coming.

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