Thursday, December 2, 2021

Day 14 after surgery

I am sorry I left you all hanging for so long. On Friday they just hit us with they were sending me home, no time to think about anything else. Dennis thought it was too soon and I wasn't feeling strong enough.

I brought my biggest most comfortable clothes and because of the fluid retention, none of it fit. I felt like I was stuffed into my clothes and they were barely hanging on. I couldn't fit my shoes or slippers so had to leave the hospital with hospital socks on. The ride home was a little painful with the bumps but we made it.

Once home I had to walk through the wet freezing snow to get into the house it was horrible but once in everyone helped dry off my feet peel the clothes from my body and get me into my nightgown before helping me into my brand new bed for the first time. (Someone in our life made it possible for me to have this bed and it has been a godsend, to say the least).

The first few days were rough, there were more messes than actually making it to the bathroom. Our floors have never been cleaner. What made it so hard is that none of the equipment that is supposed to be here is here yet. My husband is taking really good care of me and the girls are helping also. Nesie and my son have made sure we have everything we need and check up on me often.

This week our days have been filled with medical personal OT, PT, nurse visits, home health aid, and dietician. I am literally wiped out, I am still getting as much rest as I can. My appetite is getting better but most times I just eat what I can. Most of my pain is on the side they didn't operate on, I guess I pulled a ligament or muscle when they were getting me in bed at the hospital.

I have pain in my abdomen as well but it isn't as bad as they said it would be. I am just mainly tired all of the time. I have my follow-up visit with the Surgeon early next week so will update again then. Thank you all for the prayers, thoughts, comments, messages, and phone calls. They all mean so much. Hugs and keep those prayers coming.

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