Thursday, November 18, 2021

Getting ready


My request for dinner last night (my last before prep day and operation day) was stuffed waffles. My husband didn’t disappoint. I have cherry pie filling in mine. Bean has milk chocolate chips, Dorothy has roast beef, baby Swiss, and Greek seasoning, Dennis is having blueberry pie filling.

Starting my prep today for my operation tomorrow. Gatorade a whole large bottle of Miralax, tons of antibiotics, and clear liquids. After the floodgates let loose I get to shower and then wipe my body with special wipes. Then I get to sleep on clean bedding. What a day and all while I’m having a bleed. Give us strength. It’s going to be a messy day.

Update: I was flying through my prep for my surgery until the second set of pills I had to take. I was doing all I could but my body just wasn't having it. I vomited everywhere which caused other things to let go. As I said it was a mess. Once I was cleaned up I took a nap till my son's family came to visit. Had to see my littles before I go in. I am now having a cup of chicken broth waiting for 8pm to come around to take the last of the pills I need to take. Hoping that they stay down. Then before bed, I get to shower, dry for an hour, then use the special wipes they sent to prep my body before trying to get sleep for the night. Oh yeah, we have to be at the hospital at 7:30 am so looks like I may be the first in. Like I said I will try to do a post before I go in. Again thank you for all of the support. Hugs.

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