Saturday, November 20, 2021

Day one after surgery


I was able to get out of bed and walk almost to the bathroom and back to my chair with help. I have a catheter and a pump on both sides of my stomach. So walking is a two-person job, and a huge purple stripdown the center on my body. I haven’t actually looked at it yet.
I couldn’t eat breakfast had too much pain and tired. I did order lunch and will try to eat some. They tried to do operation with robot but had to switch over to full open surgery, something about my breathing will try to take better pictures later.
Also will get more information as I haven’t asked yet do to pain management being the number one on the list. It wasn’t as bad as they said I would feel but it’s still rough. I didn’t have to be in ICU at all. Jesus is awesome.

This might be a bit confusing so I apologize if it doesn’t all make sense. I am also on potassium because it dipped really low. A bruise around my left ankle from leg balloons. Looks like I had a prison anklet on. I look like a pincushion from so many veins giving out on them and I think all the machines hate me the alarms keep sounding, and just as they fix one another goes off although they have been quite the last 15 minutes. Most of all I’m just tired.

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