Friday, October 22, 2021

Another infection

 I wanted to update everyone on how everything is going. First and foremost I have another infection or rather they think the last just didn't heal up enough and it just started again. I ran out of antibiotics last Wednesday. I saw my Surgeon this Tuesday everything was great. By Wednesday evening I was in pain and first thing Thursday I was on the phone with my gastroenterologist who was actually in the office, he called at 5:30 to actually talk to me so I didn't have to travel so far. He even gave us his personal cell phone number so we could call anytime I needed something.

Anyways he ordered antibiotics (we are running out of antibiotics to use at this point). His office will be setting up another catscan to look at the abscess in my sigmoid. He said the last scan showed a 4.6mm abscess. If it has grown then we need to drain it. A little confused about how they do that but will update you if and when they decide that should be done.

He is also calling my Surgeon to advise him that with my current health he would like him to do both operations when I go in. The removal of cancer and surrounding lymph nodes which is on my right side where my appendix was as well as taking the abscess out of my sigmoid which is on my left side at the very least.

Of course, we know this raises the stakes and also could end with me having a colostomy bag in the end either temporarily or forever. So they will be calling with the new plan and if my operation date is being moved out even further. My new date was set for November 19 which meant being in the hospital for Thanksgiving. Now all that is in the air because I keep getting infections.

The last bit of it is I am now on a liquid diet until my sigmoid heals which could be until after my operation so any smoothie recipes would be greatly appreciated as well as soups that are good when whirled into a slurry. I am sorry it has been so long I have just been really tired and just started to get some of my strength back and then boom I'm tired again. Thank you to all of you who keep checking in on me. Keep the prayers coming I am sure in need of them. Hugs.

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