Monday, September 27, 2021

Sent to the ER

     I wasn't feeling well when I saw the Gastroenterologist last Tuesday, they were hoping it was just the new foods introduced causing my colon to work harder but it has gotten progressively worse even with going back to a low residue diet, so they want me to go to the ER at Albany Medical Center just in case. My daughter is on her way to take me.

    While I am waiting for my daughter to pick me up to go to the Er. I thought I would update the plan. Like I said I saw my Gastroentrolgist last Tuesday and that visit went ok, it was just talking about our next steps with them, our next appointment, what to do if I get sick, and setting up an appointment for Dennis to be seen next time we go in. Just so you know the age is 45 now not 50 to get a colonoscopy.         

Wednesday the surgeon's office called to set up testing to see just where the cancer is and if it has spread. Thursday my surgeon called to let us know that the second pathologist confirmed that it is Cancer and wanted to set up my operation date for early October.

    His plan is to use the robot to do my operation if applicable, which is also depending on if the Gynocologist wants my ovaries removed, or if I have a bleed or any other complications, I might lose my colon and end up with a bag, then he would have to do a larger incision. I also have to go for an ultrasound of my legs to check for any blood clots before the surgery as well as having a covid test.

    As of right now I also have to go into the hospital 2 days prior to the operation so that they can start my IV for my bleeding disorder. They are going on at least a nine-day stay with no complications. Of course, right now with me not feeling well I might just be in there until I heal after the big operation so I, Dennis, or my daughter Nesie will be updating everyone as much as they can when I am unable to. I am taking my phone, tablet, and charging cords so I can update as much as I can. Keep the prayers coming. Hugs.

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