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Thursday, December 14, 2017

DreamWorks Trollhunters Part 2 Premieres Tomorrow Exclusively on Netflix

In Part 2 of the epic saga DreamWorks Trollhunters, ordinary teen-turned-Trollhunter Jim Lake Jr. faces new challenges in his continued battle to protect his hometown of Arcadia and the fantastical Troll world he inherited. Jim's risky decision to enter the Darklands unearths startling discoveries, forcing him and his friends to face gripping consequences as they race to end the battle against evil.  

This global family viewing event from acclaimed filmmaker Guillermo del Toro will bring viewers of all ages together, debuting only on Netflix, Friday, December 15.

With a good cast of stars this is sure to be a treat for all. Mark Hamill, Lena Headey and David Bradley, who join Kelsey Grammer in his Emmy-winning role as Blinky, Steven Yeun (Steve), Anjelica Huston (Queen Ursurna), Jonathan Hyde (Strickler), Amy Landecker (Barbara) and Charlie Saxton (Toby).  The late Anton Yelchin, who completed recording through Part 2, voices the lead role of Jim Lake, Jr. I know my girls loved when the first Trollhunters came out and I am sure they will love this just as much. 

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Wednesday, August 9, 2017


Season 3 Premieres Friday 8/11 on Netflix

Calling all Boovs and Humans! 

The intergalactic escapades of dynamic duo Tip and Oh reach new heights as these best friends head off on new adventures that push the residents of Earth and Boovsworld to their limits in all-new music-filled episodes of DreamWorks Home Adventures with Tip & Oh. There is no part of the galaxy that is out of reach as the pair find themselves on a mission to save Pig from a far off cat-planet, attending a wild alien prom, on safari on the plains of Boovsland and in a deep sea battle in the depths of Lake Michigan. 

My children and even I loved watching the movie Home. I can't believe it is already time for Season 3. Time goes by so quickly when you have children. Taking time to have special moments with your children, reading, playing, talking, and even watching a show like this can leave a lifetime of memories that you and your child will treasure. 

Check out a clip from Season 3 below.

Disclosure: MarksvilleandMe only recommends products or services we use personally and believe will be good for our readers. Some of the links in the article may be “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive compensation.  If you would like MarksvilleandMe to review or promote a product or service please contact us at 

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Back to School with Netflix

I waited a bit longer to post my post because my kids didn't start school until after Labor Day so I thought it only fitting to post this for the Northern Part of America to coincide with our first day of school.


My girls are all into Project Mc2 which started on August 7th having gobbled up all of the episodes and are awaiting more.

What Netflix has to say about Project Mc2
Project Mc² is a fresh take on the typical tween girl show you’re probably familiar with. The series has S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) organically woven throughout the storyline, making it fun and breaking the stereotype that being smart, funny, stylish and capable are mutually exclusive. Project Mc² reflects today’s tweens in a relatable way, giving girls four empowered female leads to look up to.
And the offspring of favorite fairytale characters in Ever After High's new Way Too Wonderland adventure (debuting Aug. 14) empower kids to write their own life stories. Whether Royal or Rebel, your actions, behaviors and choices are your own to make.
EAH-Way-Too-Wonderland Vertical EN
Netflix Original: Ever After High: Way Too Wonderland
60021788 hd1080 426x607
Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius
70208106 hd1080 426x607
How the State Got Their Shapes
80062985 hd1080 426x607
Odd Squad
Get the little ones ready for new experiences with shows like the Netflix original Dinotrux from DreamWorks, premiering Aug. 14 -- prehistoric hybrid dinosaur-construction vehicles team-up to use their different skills to solve problems and show that even the most uncommon of duos, like Ty-Rux and Revvit, can form friendships of a lifetime.
They can also go anywhere and be anything by letting their imaginations soar on a Reading Rainbow journey, now available to stream.
80063156 hd1080 426x607
Reading Rainbow
70264612 hd1080 426x607
Magic School Bus
70180293 hd1080 426x607
The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That!
Movies and Shows that remind  MarksvilleandMe of school.

Ferris bueller's day off
Summer School
Sesame Street
Dazed and Confused
A Little Princess

What are you favorite back to school movies or shows?
What MarksvilleandMe has been watching lately.

We were really busy in August between personal issues, several deaths in our family as well as a close friends dieing, on top of the regular getting ready for back to school and college stuff. 

For us school starts in the morning matter of fact it is now 3:28 AM the morning of. I have a few calls to make after the children get on the bus and then it will probably be a very busy day for both myself and my girls for the first day back. 

Along with some of the above suggestions from Netflix, we watched these movies and shows in August. Project Mc2, Spooksville, Hart of Dixie, Z Nation, Bitten, That 70's Show, Supernatural, Richie Rich, Monster Squad, and a whole host of others. We have a big family with lots of shows they like to watch so we divvy it up. Since the kids were out playing most days they only had evenings and mornings to catch up on their shows, but most of the time they put it on watched a few minutes, and were out the door. Only very few did they watch all the way through, but that will change as the weather gets cooler, more days inside, with hot cocoa, snuggled under a blanket, enjoying a movie together as family. 


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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Family is what you make it

Although I like the thought of the Cleavers and the white picket fence, life has taken our family far from that. From grandparents who left this world long before all of my children could meet them to the other set that lives close by but chooses not to be apart of their lives on a regular basis, to families having squabbles and deciding they no longer want their family as their family. Kind of like a buffet. Luckily for my husband and myself we will be married for 25 years this coming October, have had 5 biological children while raising my biological nephew as one of our own from the age of 18 months, as well as including all of the childcare children we have watched as well as our children's friends over the years as part of our family. We always say once you visit Marksville you are family for life.

As my husband and I age we have made it even more important to take time out for family. Of course not we have to juggle our younger children with our older children's schedules as well as making time to spend time with our two grand daughters. On top of that we have a Saint Bernard, Mama cat and a mix of 4 of her kittens from her two litters, as well as my daughters beta fish. 

In a few weeks our third child will be graduating and moving on with life, joining her older siblings in the world on her own, but knowing if she ever needs support we will be here for her. Another step toward parenting and being a family, learning to let go. 

For your little kids:
80026518 11948436
60000413 3237602
80000216 11646997
70254415 2110814
For your big kids:
70280715 3779007
70295590 3311318
60020916 2157900
RussellMadness ENG DisplayArt 571x800
And for teens and adults:
70196156 11379479
70281526 9638690
70155618 11317455
70157358 9024711

New on Netflix for Kids and Families

80018987 12162740
70271568 9949882
lalaloopsy festivalofsweets 571x800 2
Puss in Boots
H2O boxshot USA en
80020540 12131595
Mako Mermaid Season3 boxshot  1

What MarksvilleandMe has been watching lately.

We have been super busy so we didn't really get to watch many of our shows this month but we do have them in our Que to watch on a rainy or less busy day.

We have been watching Z Nation, Between, Residue, Bates Motel, Hart of Dixie, God's Not Dead, Box Trolls, Super Natural, while waiting for new episodes of Bitten, The 100, Hemlock Grove and many others. I add more shows to my play list then I can go through in a given month but give me a few days of being ill and I will plow right through a bunch.

Some movies and shows we would like to watch soon are Grace and Frankie, Wizard Paws,When Calls the Heart. I would also like to see NetFlix get other movies and shows they don't already have for instance they have Joy Ride 3 but not 2 or the first one, as well as Grimm, and Big Bang Theory.


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Monday, March 9, 2015

Catching Up on the Present

As a mother and child care giver I have had to catch up on many things over the years. One particular conversation came up with my husband when I was knee deep into our own 4 children and countless other child care children through out the week. He asked did you here about (I can't even remember what it was now). My reply was sure in between changing diapers, music time, feeding the children, free play, and doing hands on activities with the children I sat down and had that discussion with the children. He laughed and of course filled me in.

That isn't the first time I have had to play catch up and I am sure it won't be the last. When I was younger our family did away with all music in our home unless it was Religious music. I tell you when I was finally able to listen to other music when I was about 14 or 15 I had to catch up on everything. I am still finding music I hadn't heard of from the time I was away from worldly music.

When I was a child I missed many days of school because my immune system was so weak I would catch anything that came my way. I was one of those kids who had chicken pox 3 times. Needless to say at my worse I only went to school 30/180 days of school. No tutors, lots of homework, and I still kept an A except for gym, they give you a 65 when you can't play enough to pass but not enough to keep your grades up.

I always felt older then the my peers because most of the time I was alone. I had friends growing up but I never had a ton of friends, and still don't go out with friends because I felt I never really fit in. It comes with missing out on so much of the world. You fall behind.

Another example of me catching up on my past was during the year and half that I had gotten bit by a tick and contracted Ehrlichiosis and then when that was just getting better 35 cases of strep, ending with my tonsils being taken out, and a even more weak immune system then I already had. I was so sick that my father and husband took care of my child care while I rested.

My husband would daily bring home movies from Hollywood Video for me to watch. Funny thing is even years later we are re-watching those movies because I don't remember seeing any of them. It was a very rough patch.

As a mother I have been able to see my six children and the children I gave care too, experience things I have never been able to. I see through their eyes, rejoicing in their accomplishments, which fulfills things in me that I was not able to do because of my health. They all bring me much joy in life and keep me current.

Along the way I made my own path, I never fit in with what everyone else was doing. I think I am stronger for it. I don't give up, love life, learning new things, and am always ready for a challenge. Life is not always easy but you have to be able to adapt to change while still moving forward, or the world will eat you up.

Now that you have heard about me catching up on the present lets take a look at a new show on Netflix Streaming called Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. I was able to have early access to see this show before it aired, and boy was I taken in from the first episode. If the first episode does not pull me in I rarely watch a second episode.

You can find out more about Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt below and how she is catching up on life after 15  years of being in a Bunker away from Society.

You can find out more about Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on:


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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Create Your Own Destiny

When I think of creating your own destiny I am reminded lately of my older children making their way in the world, with their own lives, spouses, children, and for my next oldest making plans to go to college. Something she has to decide for herself no matter how hard the choice is. 

She is finding that being an adult although sometimes fun can also come with lots of decisions she is not sure she is ready for. She isn't sure she wants to be what she has wanted to be for the rest of her life. Mind you with this particular daughter has always done things the way she would like things to be, she isn't like every other teenager out there. 

She wants to change the world, she loves listening to music from the 60's, putting together her own wardrobe by borrowing from mine and hers to make her own style. She loves to sing, act, make food, try new things, and is always willing to learn something new. 

She was asked for college who her role model was and her answer was that she does not have one, she paves her own path, she wants everyone to know they can be who they are all of the time and being like someone else is just holding yourself back from being the best you, you can really be. 

This reminds me a lot of my essays for college. I am very proud of her and a little more then excited to see what my children will create for their own destinies. 

Create Your Own Destiny.

MarksvilleandMe are making are way through all three of the titles below. 

70300626 12052021
Mako S2 KeyArt-Vertical Gold
richi key 001 h
1. Ever After High (2/6)
2. Mako Mermaids (2/13)
3. Richie Rich (2/20)

Personally I have not watched any of the below titles but my girls or my grand daughter might have on their account.

Someday, I will...

For your little kids:
70155552 2455604
80015262 11223708
70272742 2324920
80020935 11728208
1. Build and fix things: Handy Manny
2. Make a discovery: Sid the Science Kid
3. Walk on the moon: Justin Time: Blast off!: S1E13
4. Explore the ocean: Octonauts

Below you will find some movies suggested by Netflix but again I have not sen any of them but I am interested in FameHigh, I am assuming it is something like the movie or show Fame. 

For your big kids:
Cupcake Wars EN US 571x800
70241256 2547754
Gabby-Douglas-Story 2014 EN US 571x800
Chopped EN US 571x800 copy
1. Make sweet treats: Cupcake Wars
2. Get into show biz: Fame High
3. Represent Team USA: The Gabby Douglas Story
4. Master the kitchen: Chopped

Except for Wahlburgers I haven't seen any of the movies or show below. 

And for teens and parents:
70157130 3378251
70304979 9654150
70259073 11916237
80026846 11921943
1. Get the corner office: Undercover Boss
2. Travel the world: Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown
3. Walk the red carpet: Liz & Dick
4. Run my own restaurant: Wahlburgers

I love the fun idea that Netflix has this month, one which I have never made but very interested in doing in the near future. A Vision Board, should be interesting to see what the kids come up with compared to us adults.

Vision Board

To keep the kids chasing their dreams, map out those big ideas on a DIY vision board. Cut inspirational words out of magazines, print photos of favorite characters or add your own knick-knacks and trinkets. Learn how to make your own here.

Now when I think of movies about creating your own destiny I think about Back to the Future, The Philadelphia Experiment, The Time Machine (1953), Butterfly Effect, The Terminator, Looper, or pretty much any other time movie you can think of because I think everyone at some time in their lives would like to go back and change at least one thing in their lives which would change if not re-create their destiny. 

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