Friday, December 22, 2023

This Christmas is very different

 This Christmas is very different, and at first, I felt horrible. Then I kept seeing post after post about others who were late putting up their trees, hadn't started shopping, lost a loved one, didn't feel in the Christmas Spirit, posts from families looking for help this Christmas season, etc. and I realized we weren't alone. 

Prices are higher everywhere, and people are struggling to keep a roof over their heads, keep food on the table, and clothe their families, there is war and turmoil throughout the world, overdoses, suicide, genocide, crime, you name it. I am sure you or someone close to you is having a rough time too.

Our family is falling apart, we have had our share of bumps this year that have turned our world upside down. Have we given up? Most certainly not, we just need to regroup and trudge forward. In the end, we will come out stronger and wiser. 

Life is a never-ending path of feeling hopeless and accomplished, feeling clueless and learning, falling and picking oneself up, going without and helping others, feeling idol, and then growing by leaps and bounds. 

This year my faith has been tested more times than I can count. My heart has been broken in so many ways it felt like I was going to die. People have said many awful things to me and about me, all I can do is keep praying and know that we are not alone, others are struggling just like our family. 

I am thankful to have friends who have been there for me through it all, checking up on me, listening to me, cheering me on, giving me advice, and trying to cheer me up by posting funny memes, words of wisdom, or verses from the Bible, as well as praying for our family. Most of all I am glad I have Jesus because even when I feel most alone I am reminded that he never leaves my side.

So for those who are struggling this year with Christmas or any of the Holidays know you are not alone. 

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