Tuesday, September 28, 2021

The mirage of an Oasis


Finally, they are letting me have clear liquids. Apple juice, water, and ginger ale.

Update: Shortly after they gave me liquids they took them back away someone made a mistake. So I am back to no solids or liquids only iv fluids, antibiotics, and the small sips of water to take any of the pill forms of medications that I am on. I can’t even chew gum because it stimulates my belly and colon. My mouth and throat are so dry.

At least I have lip balm to keep my lips moist. I had a very uncomfortable night but did get a few hours of sleep. The team and my Drs checked on me this morning they want the antibiotics to get a good hold before reintroducing liquids or solids so not sure how long this stay will be. Thank you to everyone for the calls, texts, comments, and prayers. They mean so much. Hugs

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