Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Screen Patch Repair Kit

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We rent a apartment that is very old and most things are really hard to replace. Take for instance our screen door. I think it was handcrafted for this house and if I had to guess was last updated in the 70's. You can take out the mid part of the door, changing out the glass panes for the screen piece. My daughter booty bumped the door to get it open because it sticks in the humidity and did some damage to it. Check out my blog about fixing it here

Before we did that we tried out the above product to see how it would work on just holes. Since we were replacing the whole screen anyways my husband caused a hole so that we could we could give it whirl. As you can see from the close ups there were tiny holes everywhere in the screen where it had rusted through. Like I said it was old. 

Anyways we have a hole where just using a piece of the mesh tape on each side was enough to fix it. It is noticeable but it is also a quick fix and much less expensive then replacing a whole screen. 

Then we have a much bigger hole here that had to have the whole treatment. The kit comes with a rounded needle so that you can literally sew the screen and then apply tape. As you can see in the second middle photo below that it isn't very neat, that is because everytime we tried to sew it the screen gave way because it was so rusted. Mind you if your screen is not as old or rusted through like ours was this would have looked amazing. After sewing you put a piece of the mesh screent tape on both sides and you are done. Again it is noticeable but less expensive then replacing a whole screen. 

We thought this would be great for use on tents or those pop up houses as well. Most of the time you need to get rid of your tent if there is a hole and for safety you do that with the pop up houses as well. Now you can get a little more use out of your products with a quick patch job with this kit from Magzo. Check it out here

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