Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Screen Door Repair

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Our front screen door opens hard when it is humid out. One day my daughter booty bumped it forgetting the screen was in which can be changed out for a glass panel in the colder months and damaged the screen. As you can see from showing you how to repair just a hole on the same screen, you can see this screen had mini holes all over the place when you zoom in on the screen and it had to be replaced either way with the side damage. Check out the repair patch kit here. The video for this repair is here.  

This door looks like it was hand crafted so everything had to be done in steps. Since we rent we wanted to be very careful as I don't think we could have found a replacement. My husband was more then a bit nervous doing this as he did not want to ruin it more. As you can see the results were way better then we thought they would be and we are very impressed with this replacement screen from Magzo. It was a large piece and did our screen door and can probably do a large window in our home if need be and a smaller window. For the price and time we spent on this project we saved tons of money. 

With this screen door there was no spline so my husband had to take the molding off carefully. It has to be from the 70's at least. Then he tore off the old screen removed the staples that were originally there then layed and measured the new screen. Once he adhered the new screen to the door he was able to replace the molding and finished it up with a fresh coat of paint. 

He then placed the screen in the door and it looks better then before. Like I said it came out better then we had hoped. All the anxiety he had over starting this project was unwarranted. My husband was very happy and relieved with the outcome.


Below is the replacement screen we used from Magzo which was 48"W x 99"L. You can find it here

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