Monday, July 12, 2021

Learn to Budget like a Pro

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As my husband and myself have been learning to manage our money better, we have learned that having a place to keep everything written down is important. My health isn't awesome right now or rather it never really has been but it has come time to make sure that my husband can manage our money too.

I have taught him how to pay our bills and what dates they should be paid on, where to find the information for each bill etc. Having it written in one place is much easier for him to take the reigns when he needs to and a budgeting book like this is a good place to start. 

I love that it includes a calendar, plenty of spots to keep track of things, and even has a spot with helpful hint each month, a monthly goal, and a spot for a monthly gratitude exercise. It has just about everything you need to make sure that you can start to take control of your budget.
It also comes with 8 cash envelopes and even though we don't use cash envelopes they can be a great way to save money or even divvy out allowance to your children. Some people use the envelopes to put money aside for donating or saving up for something like a Holiday, Birthday, etc. 

Check it out below for yourself. 

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