Monday, July 12, 2021

Most Popular Fidget Toy of the Year


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We are always on the look out for new games and toys that stand the test of time. These push pop fidget toys hit the mark. They are very popular right now and I was super excited to find this two piece set for my daughters. Years ago we bought a game that was a silicon circle with the pop-its inside. Even though we have played the game many times and had to replace it, I am pretty sure the kids spent more time just popping the little circles over and over again. 

Toys like this are great for kids who have autism, have adhd, or just need something to keep their hands busy with while they are learning. My daughter was remote learning this year and she would drive me crazy popping ours over and over again. I know it relaxed her when the teachers would frustrate her but for me it was just too much. 

This set has one side that is louder and the other side is quite. I love it and think I can deal with that because there would be a pause between the louder side and the more quite side. I love the colors so that one could be given to each of my two girls still at home. The set comes with a rainbow and marble colored fidget toy and it is surrunded by a hard plastic.  Check it out here .

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