Saturday, December 26, 2020

My husband spoiled me

 Way before Christmas even before our anniversary he ordered me a new recliner so that I could sit in the living room with comfort. It took about 8 weeks to get here but came just days before Thanksgiving. He also ordered me new L.L. Bean slippers. My last pair lasted over 20 years and my slippers went missing during one of our moves so he asked which ones I wanted and ordered them for me. Christmas time was coming so I didn't really expect anything much if anything for Christmas. 

My computer has been chugging along like a old decrepit dinosaur hardly ever merging with our internet even with update, rolling it back, emptying cache, getting rid of cookies etc. We tried everything except for resetting to factory settings. I just have so much that we would have to save and his computer just does not have the room to hold my information and his while he could do this. 

I kept just using my computer and having things take twice as long, sites crashing, and my screen blinking. Zoom meeting were no longer working well, and my computer had to be restarted many times to get things accomplished, many times losing what I was working on and having to start all over again from scratch. I ended up scrapping most with frustration. 

Christmas morning came and I sat down and was about to tell the girls to take my computer into the bedroom when I noticed my black computer had turned silver. He had ordered a computer for me after asking me what I needed and he said it had came much earlier then expected so he had time to covertly copy my old computer files and transfer them to my new one. He had been saving money up and spent it on me. 

I wondered how he got it past me and he said it actually came one day when I was taking a nap so he didn't have to do anything too much out of the way. With the prices of computers going sky rocket he was waiting for a sale and ended up buying one right from HP themselves and was able to find exactly what I needed at a much lower price then others were asking for computers with less capabilities. 

I feel both loved and blessed for the gifts he bought me. Now I can breeze through sites, responding and posting things with little effort. Life is so much easier and to think I have only had my computer in my hands for a little over 24 hours. Now I can post more often and get back to reviewing products without fighting to get things posted. 

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