Thursday, November 7, 2019

Menopause or Pregnancy

Menopause or Pregnancy that is the question. With my current age it seems to lean more towards Menopause but I have never missed a menstrual cycle other then when I was pregnant or breastfeeding so our next move it to visit the Dr. for a prognosis. I am currently 3 weeks and counting late. Just the odds of getting pregnant naturally at my age is huge.

Being a born learner I wanted to become aware of all of the good and bad for either. The similarities between Menopause and Pregnancy are so close. Leave it up to God to make it so hard to tell the difference. Now I know why older women go into labor and never knew they were pregnant, they probably just thought they were going through Menopause. 

Pregnancy at my age will be hard.  The medication I am on has to come to stop for the healthiest pregnancy. Since I vomit everything up lets just say my body is rejecting the medication anyways. The chances of going full term or even better getting past the first trimester will be a miracle, but I have seen more then one in my day so I will go with whatever God has planned for us. 

Have we been trying to have another child? We were but gave up as we grew older and my weight went through the roof. We have posed the question to most of our children about having another sibling. Remember we now have 4 grand children of our own. Most of them are supportive but worry about our health and growing age which is understandable. My husband and I have been through all of these questions ourselves, knowing the risks, but also know that if we are blessed with another child it will be the will of God. 

Update soon. Let me know what you think below. If you have been through Menopause or have been pregnant at age 45 or above please give me some advice below. 

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