Thursday, March 10, 2016

Change Your Child`s Negative Behavior

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Change Your Child`s Negative Behavior

written by
Nurit Levi

I have always found reading very calming and self help books along with parenting books a learning experience. Sure we might not take everything away from the book because our lives might not fit into that writer's mindset, but we often learn something new to try something that might just help out and make life better for us, our family, or friends. Making relationships stronger, helping our others and yourself to live a better everyday.

In Change Your Child`s Negative Behavior I am learning a few tricks if you will to help me better parent my ever head butting child into one that will see that being mean is not the way to treat others. Don't get me wrong when seeing her from the public's eye most of the time she will do the right thing, but she is growing and learning, and I want her to be well versed to stand up for herself without having someone point out her negatives.

I have had 6 children and helped raise many others and this one child of mine has given me a bit of a run for the money. Even though she reminds me everyday of her siblings she is still very different in temperament then they were. I love her to pieces but the negative behavior has to stop. This is where this book comes in to save the day, with advice, and tips to get us both through and strengthen our relationship so there is less argueing and more loving.

You can find Change Your Child`s Negative Behavior on Amazon.

In her series, A Calm and Peaceful Home, Nurit Levi has produced an essential set of guides for those responsible for children and teenagers, particularly when dealing with behavioural issues. Based upon her own experience - first as a parent and then as a coaching professional - she offers all-too-familiar examples, understanding, exceptional insight, moral support, practical advice and methods, useful tools and achievable assignments to help reduce disruptive behaviour in young people and replace it with positive cooperation. These straightforward guides will truly help you to deal with those situations that test you to the limit.


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