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Ending Stress Review

Product Description

Do you want to eliminate stress in your life?

You can do it with this manual!
This highly practical guide shows you clearly and directly how to remove stress, anger, fear and worry by becoming more realistic, using 2,500 year old meditation and therapy tools and inspired by masters of nondual and Buddhist wisdom traditions including Dzogchen, Mahamudra, Zen, Madhyamika, Advaita and Tao. Jonathan Harrison teaches nondual and Buddhist meditation and psychology.
The guide explains how mental stress is created and how to remove it from your life in all its forms including anger, anxiety, disappointment, discontent, dissatisfaction, dread, envy, fear, frustration, guilt, humiliation, impatience, insult, misery, mistrust, regret, tension and worry.
Jonathan Harrison shows how, in order to see how stress is created, you need to understand three things:
˃˃˃ The way you think about things:
You see the world as structured, split into separate parts which may be in conflict. Your particular mental structures consisting of your personal opinions and concepts is the result of many factors including your genetic makeup, parental upbringing, social and cultural environments and the way you have perceived, internalized and acted on your experiences. These mental structures develop and change throughout your life. The world as you see it is largely a reflection of your mental history. What you think is an original creation of your mind.
˃˃˃ The way things really are:
Reality, the world as it is, is neither inherently split (dualistic), nor unified, neither structured nor unstructured. It just is. This is so simple that most people do not understand it.
˃˃˃ Ending stress
It is enough to grasp deeply how things really work. The past has gone, is unalterable, the future is non-existent except as your present expectations, and “now” is already here. Within this realization, true rest occurs naturally. This is non-meditation, natural meditation or “resting in natural awareness” as Longchen Rabjam, the renowned Tibetan yogi and Dzogchen meditation master, put it.
By recognizing the nature of reality you are able to live, love and benefit yourself and others more easily, as you no longer experience the frustration of trying to grasp at imagined parts of your experience or trying to remove them.

MarksvilleandMe reviews Ending Stress

written by
Jonathan Harrison

I am a Christian so this book is a bit hard to take in some places but for the most part is very good at teaching you how to meditate. After each chapter or so it takes you through a meditation session but doesn't really give how long you should stay with in meditation. 

It has chapters about using meditation to rid your body of stress, eliminating worry, overcoming anxiety  and fear, as well as minimizing pain. Later in the book you learn ways of improving your decisions and living a fulfilling life with meaningful relationships, while feeling completely free. 

For me it was mainly to refresh my memory on meditation practices and the sessions within the book helped. This book would be good for anyone wanting to know more about meditation and what it can do for your life, and inner being. 

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You can find our more about Jonathan Harrison here.

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