Tuesday, October 14, 2014

MarksvilleandMe reviews Coobie Bras

A while back I wrote about the Coobie bras. You can read my first post here

I was able to pick out two bras to review. Below you will see the two styles I ordered.

Since at the time they didn't have a bra large enough for me to try personally I enlisted my oldest daughters help in trying them out. She runs and was looking for a more supportive bra and these fit the bill until she lost weight and then they became to big and has downsized and passed these on to her younger sister for when she reaches this size, if she ever does.  

She loved that they were soft, easy to put on, and super easy to care for. She just tossed it in a wash bag and washed with her regular clothes.

Above you can see the pictures of how the Coobie bras looked when we received them. Since I wrote the original post they have added many new items to their store, but sadly still no sizes big enough for me, but they do come pretty close. For us larger women we still have to look other places but for those up to 42 DD you are covered at Coobie. 

You can find out more about Coobie on:

Disclosure: MarksvilleandMe was provided free products from Coobie in exchange for our honest review. If you would like MarksvilleandMe to review a product or service please contact us at marksvilleandme@gmail.com.

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