Thursday, January 30, 2014

There was a tremendous amount of stress

There was a tremendous amount of stress while we were homeless, and even into when we first were getting settled in the new house. We were only supposed to be homeless a few days but it turned into weeks, and months before we could move into the house we wanted to rent.

When we took our things out of storage, we found that many of the things were moldy and had to be burned like our brand new couch. We had brought out stove but there was no gas hook up so we ended up getting rid of it and using the stove our land lord had here, until we could buy one of our own.

At first all we had were beds, and hard chairs to sit on. it was stressful to say the least. It was August and time to begin thinking about school supplies for the kids. Of course while we were homeless we burned through all of our savings eating out everyday, and keeping the kids busy when they were out of school. All of their toys were in storage.

Shopping for school only happened because I called the one Credit card company we had and asked for a raise in the amount we could spend. I then took our empty Credit card and did all of the kids school shopping with it, maxing it out, and even though we did have to close that account because a snow ball effect took place after we were homeless I can now say that Credit card has been paid off in full and we are again in good standing even though we told them we do not want another card at this time.

Being pregnant while working and being far away from my children while working didn't make things any better. We trusted a lot in our older children to hold the fort down. We couldn't afford a child care worker, that is what I did before working outside of the home, we really didn't know anyone in the area so we did the best we could with what we had until I had Dorothy and then I became a Stay at Home Mom again as per my Dr.'s instructions and years later here I am Blogging and loving it.

I could go on and on about the stress but just know there was a tremendous amount of stress for both us as adults and for our children during this time of transition.

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  1. I can't imagine trying to go through what you and your family experienced. Life is crazy and unpredictable. I am thankful to read about this because I am going through a difficult time with a back injury and it just never seems to end. Thankyou for sharing :D