Thursday, January 30, 2014

The world lied to me, I thought

The world lied to me, I thought that it was much more trust worthy then it is. I have learned to just let people talk and if they follow up on what they say then they do, if they don't then oh well, live and learn. I try to keep my word as best I can but life doesn't always go the way we would like and you just can not always do what you say.

There is a big difference in saying something and not being able to do something then saying something and just not doing it because you never really meant what you said in the first place. One is unplanned while the other is meant to do harm or damage.

At first when these things happened it hurt a lot but after a while you start to just shrug is all off, except that is when it comes from someone very close to your heart then all bets are off and there is no telling what might happen.

Some people say things that are untrue to try and hurt your reputation just because they are missing something in their own lives. They haven't learned compassion. Others say things in a fit of anger and then don't know how to make things better.

These are things that tear friends, family, towns, and even countries apart. I pray every day for the world and the people in it, that they will all come together to do good things for everyone not just the few. Humans are selfish and have fallen far away from loving their neighbor. May God have mercy on us all.

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