Thursday, January 30, 2014

I felt helpless

Have you ever been in a situation where you feel helpless? We have more then once. The biggest being when we ended up being Homeless in 2007. We were paying our rent, our bills, and doing everything we were supposed to do. Little did we know that our Land Lord was taking our money and not paying their mortgage, so when the Sheriff came and gave us eviction papers dated for 72 hours we were at a loss.

I was pregnant with our 6th child, both my husband and myself were working full time jobs, as well as our children being in school. It was a mess. We had to find a place to put our belongings, find a place to live, explain to our kids what was happening, all while trying to fit it around our jobs which took up most of our waking hours.

We had to leave behind many things because we were renting two of the biggest units near us to store most of our belongings, but we just could not fit anymore with out renting another which we could not afford. We left behind a new fridge, all 5 of the kids new bikes, my brand new coffee table, air conditioner, our shelves, many of my husband tools, toys, lamps, garbage cans, brand new mower, clothes etc.

We ended up being homeless for about 3 months before we could move into the house we now live in. Department of Social Services couldn't help us because we both had full time jobs and didn't have drug or alcohol problems, we couldn't stay at a shelter because they had a curfew and our jobs had us working until after midnight or even later, forget about friends or family. I have heard many times you find out who your real friends and family are when you are down and need help, and it really is true.

My husband slept on the concrete outside of our job, while the children and I slept in our station wagon. We had to eat out every day because we didn't have anywhere to cook other then the microwave at our job, and a small fridge that was on the premises.  I felt helpless, all we had to depend on was God to see us through, which is what we did.

One night I had hit rock bottom and told God he had to get off of his A$$ because I couldn't take it anymore. The next day our landlord called and said we could move in. I don't suggest you talk to God like that but I had been broken and it was all just taking a toll on my body and mind.

We are still replacing things 7 years later but we are doing much better overall. I am very thankful to God for taking the helpless feeling away, and providing for us each and every day.

A little side note before this happened my husband and myself had been praying for the same thing with out  knowing. We had prayed for Patience and Patience is what we got. Some people say be careful what you wish for but I have to add to that and say be careful what you Pray for too.

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