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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Personal Injury

8 days after surgery 10 days after accident

On February 12, 2013 my husband slipped and fell on ice outside of his job. What we thought would be a fast and easy recovery became a nightmare. It was the first time ever we had to seek counsel and the first place we called was a Personal Injury Lawyer who referred us to another Lawyer group because it involved his employer. 

We contacted them right away and they jumped on my husband's case. With my husband's case it went straight to workman's comp. Like I said it was a nightmare. My husband did not heal from operation and he ended up totally disabled with leg, nerve, and spine damage. We had problems from the ER, Surgeon, and Physical Therapy. If we had known then what we know now things would have been handled way differently.

We were totally blind and totally trusting that everyone had our best interest in mind, we were totally wrong and eventually ended up homeless for over a year and half waiting for money to come through for disability. This was after 3 years of eating away at our own personal savings. If you have children and are the main bread earner I suggest you call around to get a good lawyer the first time, get a second opinion, and really cut out your spending as much as possible. You just never know what can happen or how long things will take to get back on track. 

As for us 5 years later we are still struggling to get on our feet. Our family has been torn apart, thrown around, and treated badly all because of one slip on ice that changed our lives forever. Do me and yourself a favor. Find a good lawyer, a good Dr., and make sure they listen to you.  If you are in Florida you can contact Winters & Yonker The Aggressive Lawyers. 

Picture of my husband on a good day, still in very much pain that has gotten worse over the years with other problems brought on by accident.

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