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Sunday, January 10, 2021

3 Key Secrets to Moving & Unpacking Efficiently


Moving and unpacking can seem like a tedious process, but when you remember the 3 key secrets to getting the job done quickly and efficiently, it can make moving seem like an adventure.

Hire a Realtor 

If you happen to be looking in the Florida area, Amelia Island Real Estate, will definitely have your search come to an end. They are Floridians who deal with the perfect island home for you and your family. 

How exciting would it be to wake up to a cool Atlantic breeze and access to a full-service spa, biking, and walking trails and wellness and fitness centers? Even if you’re not moving to Florida, real estate agents are deeply connected and helpful when preparing for a move. They will take you through a breathtaking showcase experience of the different houses and property that will suit you and your family. 

Hire Movers

Looking forward to moving to your new home is an adventure, but when we think about moving, we dread the experience. Hiring professional movers, like Suddath is possibly the best decision you could make during this period. It not only saves you time but also it is cost effective. This is why: 

  • Your items are safe and insured. Accidents may happen, and when they do, you need not worry about those valuable pieces of art or dishes. The company has got you covered. 

  • They have the tools for the job. Once you hire professional movers, they come armed with the appropriate packing and moving equipment at your disposal.

  • Efficiency is guaranteed. Professional movers ensure that everything is in order as they do their work systematically meaning they will label all the boxes correctly and offload them to the correct room. 

  • Planning is made easy. When you hire professional movers, everything is taken care of from the day and time, and one does not have to deal with the last minute rushes. 

Make Time

Set aside 2-3 hours each night to unpack. Setting aside time each day will help alleviate the stress of feeling like you need to unpack everything within the first 24 hours. We recommend unpacking the bedroom first, and making sure you have clean linens before the move. This will give you a place to rest, and make you feel like your house is your home instantly. Technology must go last, so try to wait on plugging the TV in until all of the room are unpacked. The fewer the distractions the more motivated you will be to finished the task at hand.

Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Beginner Tips to Sell More on Poshmark

If you're new to selling on Poshmark then you know how intimidating the process can be. Not
only do you need to know how to create a captivating brand, but you also need to be able to get
your items in front of the right audience. The good news is, selling on Poshmark isn't as difficult
as most people assume. Below are some tips to help you get started.

Be Picky About What You List

When getting started, most beginners list every item that they think has value. Unfortunately,
this approach can put a damper on your profits. When you're deciding what items to list, you should
give serious thought to the type of brand you're trying to create. If you pay attention to high-end
retail brands, they all have a certain aesthetic that they stick to. They want their clothes to send a

The benefit of creating a specific aesthetic is that it helps you to better target your audience. You'll
be able to build a loyal following. Would you like to create a closet for career women? Does
your closet cater to individuals who have an eclectic style? Perhaps your closet is geared towards
formal wear. Before listing an item, ask yourself if it applies to the audience that you want to reach.

It's All About the Presentation

Do you know what separates the top sellers from those who have average sales? It's the photos
that they take. You see, each time you list a new item you're allowed to include a few photos so that
your audience can get a better idea of what you're offering. The vast majority of Poshmark sellers
take pictures of their clothes on hangers or laid out on a bed. However, if you want to get the most
out of this platform then you need to invest your time into styling your items.

The best photos feature an actual model. Create an entire outfit and feature the item that you're
selling. If you're too shy to model, purchase a mannequin. You may also create a flat lay.
A flat lay is a well-thought-out arrangement of items set against a simple background.
Also, keep in mind that the lighting will determine how professional your images look.
So take photos in a room that has the most natural light.

Make sure that your clothes are clean and free of wrinkles. You should also be honest about
any flaws that the item may have. The best photos are also those that show every detail of the item.
This means that you need to highlight every rip, tare, and stain. The reason it's so important to show
off the flaws of your item is that your customers need to know what they're purchasing. If they
receive an item with flaws that they didn't know about they may complain or leave a negative review.

Answer Every Question That Comes Your Way
Sometimes you'll list an item and it will sell immediately. Other times your customers may need
a little more convincing before they make a final purchase. A lot of customers will ask questions
about the item. And it's up to you to resolve these questions as soon as possible. The faster you
answer, the higher the chance that the customer will make a purchase from you.

Not only should you answer their questions as soon as you can, but you should also make sure that you're courteous and polite. Your interactions with Poshmark users can be seen by others.
People are more likely to buy from someone who is professional and seems to care about them.
So make sure your answer is thorough and respectful.

Treat Your Customers Like Gold

A big part of being a Poshmark seller is making sure that your customer gets their shipment.
And here's a huge opportunity for you to rise above the competition. Everything from the packaging
to your communication can determine whether or not this person becomes a loyal customer.

One of the first ways to distinguish your brand is to create special packaging. Poshmark offers free
shipping materials that you can order from USPS. However, you could always go above and
beyond and ship the items in unique wrapping or a nice box. You may include a small box of
chocolates and a thank you note. Another way in which you can make a lasting impression is by
keeping in touch with the customer throughout the shipping process. Contact your customer to
let them know when you plan to ship the item and contact them after the item has been shipped.
You may also contact them to ensure that they received the order.

Engage in the Community

There are two types of engagement that are vital to your success: sharing and following.
You should share items from your closet and you should also share items from the closet
of other sellers. The best part about sharing is that it can get you a lot of exposure,
especially at Poshmark parties. Poshmark parties occur four times a day. So this gives you
several opportunities throughout the week to reach a huge audience.

Following requires you to follow the accounts of other Poshmark users. Whenever you follow
someone it often leads to their visiting your closet to find out more about you. In many cases,
they'll follow you back and share some of your items.

Both of these types of engagement help you to get exposure but they take up a lot of time.
The more you share, the more sales you'll make. So you need to share and follow on a
consistent basis. And in some cases, this can be a bit overwhelming.


Once you've gotten the hang of the first few steps most of your time on Poshmark will be spent
sharing and following. Instead of doing this manually you could always use a Poshmark bot.
A Poshmark bot follows and shares for you--completely automating the entire process.

Friday, March 2, 2018

Stop Your Dog from Barking with these Simple Methods

A barking dog can be super disruptive if not understood and dealt with appropriately. If this is a problem you’ve been having, these simple tips from a professional dog trainer will help you mitigate the problem and help you train your dog to only bark when it is supposed to.

First we’ll look at why your dog barks. From there we’ll give you

Understand Why Your Dog is Barking
Let’s take a journey into the mind of your dog. He or she will be naturally protective over you, and barking is a means of communicating both love and fear. Here are four of the most common reasons your dog barks. 

1. Irritating Sounds
There are many dogs who hate certain sounds. Remember that a dog has very sensitive hearing, so barking is a way of letting out frustration when these sounds occur.

Sounds like the following will make some dogs bark:
Fireworks (even ones that are far away)

High pitched sounds
Other dogs barking
House alarms

If these sounds cause your dog to bark, you may want to try and prevent your dog from being exposed to them. But you can also keep some treats on hand whenever these sounds occur and give them to your dog when they do. This will teach your dog to associate pleasure with the sound rather than a sense of alarm. 

2. Warning Barks
A common reason for a dog barking is to warn you of perceived danger. Dogs are natural protectors and will always bark if they sense an intruder or some form of danger.

In these cases it’s important to reassure your dog that the danger they perceive is nothing to fear. By simply investigating the situation and telling your dog that there’s no need to bark, you will teach your dog the difference between perceived danger and REAL danger.

A dog that isn’t being walked often will act out in frustration by barking excessively. They will bark at other dogs being walked past your house because they too want to see what’s going on outside their parameter.

Imagine being cooped up in one small space all day. Dogs are naturally curious and want to explore their surroundings. If they don’t get that opportunity, they will become barkers.  

4. Playful Barking
Sometimes dogs bark out of pleasure. If you play with a rumbustious dog it will display its excitement through barking. This is completely natural, so don’t be too hard on him or her if this happens during playtime.

Now let’s look at three training methods to help stop your dog from barking excessively. .

The Tin Can Method
Filling a coffee can with stones and rattling it when your dog barks can become a powerful training tool. The sound it makes is unpleasant to dogs, and will act as a disciplinary tool that stops them while it happens. 

Take Your Dog for Regular Walks
Always walk your dog. A daily walk will eliminate frustration and decrease barking brought on by boredom and prolonged confinement.

Sometimes a tough hand is necessary. A stern “No!” is in order to show your dog that barking is not necessary at certain times. Remember to exercise positive reinforcement as well when your dog barks for the RIGHT reasons.

Remember that your dog should bark. Most of us have dogs at least in part for security reasons. So let your dog warn you with its bark instead of seeing barking as a pastime. We hope these methods will help you do just that.