Wednesday, April 26, 2023

National Stress Awareness Month !

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April is National Stress Awareness Month.

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Stress Awareness Month! I have always taken stress pretty well unless I am overwhelmed with a bunch of things all at once. Homeschooling, Operations, Stage 3 Colon Cancer, Emergency Gall Bladder removal, rising costs of everything, smaller bank account, Doctors, Specialists, Medical Tests, Medication schedules, and still the chance of getting some sort of illness on top of all of this, I am overloaded with stress on a daily basis. I didn't even mention my Peripheral neuropathy which has totally changed my life.

I manage my stress by praying, meditating, reading, self-care, eating healthy, fitting in exercise, and getting enough sleep. There are many other ways to help with stress as well like taking vitamins or supplements. Superior Source has a great selection this month to get you started. 

Recently I was sent an assortment of Vitamins and Supplements to try. I love that they are all micro lingual which means you just place it under your tongue where it dissolves and quickly enters your body. This is how I take my Vitamin B-12 for my B-12 deficiency. The Women's B complex they sent me is nowhere near what I take for my deficiency but will talk with my Dr. to see if I can add on top of what I already take.

As with any medication always ask your Dr. about adding it and also to your pharmacist to see if it can be taken with your other medications. I have to space out my medication and some of my vitamins and supplements as they can't be taken together or eaten with other foods. 

To be honest I am on the fence with SuperiorSource Just Women Iron 25mg which is nowhere how much I am supposed to take in a day because the ingredients have milk and I have always been told your body doesn't absorb iron well if taken with milk. I have to take my iron at least 2 hours after I have ingested milk for optimal absorption. 

I really like the SuperiorSource Extra Strength D3 5000IU. I take 10000IU daily so instead of one of these I take two, but only do this under your Doctor's care. My husband recently was told to take the same dose as well. I think we both need a little more sun. 

What I like most about these vitamins and supplements is that they are taken by simply placing them under your tongue. Easy peasy when you don't have water nearby. 

The other three L-Theanine, Calming Formula, and Gaba I have to ask my Dr. about taking. So I can't give my opinion on those, so please check with your Doctor before adding. has partnered with Superior Source Vitamins to offer their best-selling vitamins +free shipping with minimum 35.00 order. Superior Source Vitamins are also available on Amazon.

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