Sunday, July 18, 2021

The Cutest Thing Ever

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Do you ever just stumble upon Something that tickles you pink? Well I do and sometimes those things just need to bought. That is what I felt when this I found this cute bike accessory. It is just so stinking cute. I couldn't resist. I know my daughter loves it too. Even though it feels like it has been raining forever, she couldn't wait for the first sunny day to put it on her bike and show it off a bit. The rubber duck was easy to strap to her bike and the color we chose really pops with the color of her bike. Now she has a trusty friends to go along with her while biking around our neighborhood.

Now tell me this isn’t the cutest bike accessory ever. He squeaks and lights up. He can have his helmet up or down and even comes with an optional gun. Ok so they had me at rubber ducky. Sometimes I am just pulled in for the sale on sheer cuteness or originality, and I think this hits both. They have six different helmet covers to pick from so you can match it up with your bike colors. It also comes with adhesive so you can attach it to the dashboard in your vehicle. Who doesn't need a little sidekick to bring some joy to their lives? I think this is whimsical and affordable. Bring a little cuteness into someone's life. 

Great for gift giving, bringing someone cheer, or just as a fun gift to surprise someone with. Coming from a first person shooter game family we find this has cuteness overload.

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