Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Keeping Step

Fitness trackers seem to be everywhere and to be honest I have been against them because of the high prices I don't know how people afford all of these high priced items. I really don't. I won a nice fitness tracker a few months back falling in love  and really wanted to get some for my girls. I wanted an affordable but quality product. 

Trendy Pro wanted my daughter to try their's out which is slotted for both children and adults alike. This fits my youngest daughter who is 11 as well as my grand daughter who is 7 and surprisingly even fits my husband large wrist on the very last slots. We usually have to buy special bands to fit his big wrists so this is amazing in itself. 

So with the Trendy Pro Fitness Tracker set you will get one rechargeable fitness tracker one black band and the choice of  an extra band a wall charger but I just charge ours in our computer, a instruction manual, this tracker is super easy to set up, and a double sided reward chart to get you started on counting your steps. 

What I love most about this tracker is the ease of setting up. I could do it all on my own without my husband's tech help.  The next best thing would be tracking the sleep. Don't judge please this was a weekend and we were up super late but I am able to see exactly when she goes to sleep and gets up in the morning. 

Yes it is a bit like spying but I get to see my girls sleep quality and hers is pretty good. On the other hand I have to talk to my Dr. about mine I am yet to hit more then an hour of deep sleep in over months of monitoring my sleep. My sleep is mostly in the awake sleep. Oddly enough I dream every night so as soon as I hit REM I must dream like there is no tomorrow.

As for her steps well she hits well over 10,000 steps without blinking an eye so we don't have to worry about that, as for me I am have not been working and am now disabled and my steps are no where near 10,000 but I am working on getting more steps each and every day. Some days I don't reach my goal but by the end of the week I usually reach my weekly goals so it all evens out. I raise my goal each week so together as a family these fitness trackers are making a difference. 

So my final decision on Fitness trackers in general is to shop around there are great  fitness bands out there like this one by Trendy Pro that make the grade for dependability, affordability, and ease of use. While Trendy Pro is not made for swimming there are some out there that are make sure you take that into account if you will be using your Fitness tracker while under water. 

Check out all of the specks below. My favorite is the sedentary alert to keep you  active all day long.

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