Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Hydration while running

My girls are pretty active in the spring, summer, and fall, between walking, running, playing, and biking. I am forever telling them to drink water, to re-hydrate themselves. Still they come in most of the time really thirsty. We have tons of water bottles but they either lose them or forget them. So I needed a way to make sure that their drinks were literally on their body.

Along came our first running belt with water bottles and the idea took off. Now they have a spot for their music, some money, and for their water. Now I can be sure that they will have hydration for as long as the bottles hold out.

What I like about this belt is that it has two pockets. The water bottles are kind of small but this is for my youngest daughter and should last her a good bike ride or while she is playing with friends. In the pocket we can fit a snack, and any other little things she would like to take with her. Since the water bottles are attached I don't have to worry about loss as much as before.

The downside to this pouch is that it is quite small even at it's largest size so that people who are bigger like me have no chance of actually wearing it for fitness. If I can find a company that makes them big enough for my size I would be really happy but for now knowing my girls will have what they need with them while they are at play or exercising is good enough for me.

The Fun Fitness hydration belt can be found on my link below.

You can find out more about Fun Fitness Group on:

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