Monday, September 26, 2016


Our family loves to play games but our outside games are on the skimpy side so we jump at the chance to add more games there when we can. Our last new game was bocce from my sister and this time we were able to try out Molkky thanks to Tactic toys.

This is an easy game to play once you get used to is. when your first start out you will set it up as shown on box. The striker is thrown underhand to knock over pins. You only count the pins that have fully fallen over. o leaning on striker or other pins. You count what has fallen over then stand up the pin where it fell over for the next person's turn. You continue this way till someone reaches 50 points on the dot. As in if you have 48 points and get another 4 points you are over 50 and go back to 25 points.
For our children I play who ever gets closest to 50 first wins to keep it simple for them. This is a great game to be played alone for practice or with 2 or more. Great for family get togethers, gift giving, picnics, vacation, etc.

Molkky can be found on Amazon.

What Tactic has to say about their product.

Easy to play, just arrange the pins, number 1 through 12, in a formation and throw the Molkky skittle pin to try to knock down some pins. To win the game, players try to knock down a total of 50 points worth of pins. More competitive rounds can be played by trying to score exactly 50 points. If players go over 50, then they go back to 25 points and try again to reach 50 exactly. The first player or team to 50 exactly wins. Mölkky is an updated version of an old Scandinavian "throwing game" called Kyykkä that has been around for hundreds of years. Without age or fitness restrictions, and suitable to most outdoor spaces, Molkky is an easy, go-to game on any day. All over the world, Mölkky is enjoyed for its casual, easy game play, as well as in serious, top tournaments and championship competitions. Some of the most decorated and celebrated Mölkky competitions have been held since 1997 in Finland. An annual Australian Mölkky Championship has been held since 2010 and several Mölkky association have been founded, including Finnish International Mölkky Association, Slovak Mölkky Association, French Mölkky Association, Japan Mölkky Association, Czech Molkky Association, and Sweden Molkky Association. The history of Mölkky is available on Wikipedia.

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