Tuesday, May 31, 2016

This is my life #BehindTheBlogger

Sorry I haven't written much other then reviews or posting giveaways and the like. Our family has been going through a bit of a rough time. Most people know my husband fell at his job over 3 years ago and had a total quad rupture, he is one of the 3% that didn't heal. Here we are over 3 years later having gone through disability court them denying him, then to court, and now reapplying all over again.

On top of that we have had no money other then the little bit I bring in here on my blog which pretty much just keeps the telephone and internet on, no thousands of dollars being made here yet. I am disabled as well, still waiting for my appeal date to come. We have had no money other then my blog since June of 2015, we do get public assistance, but it has all gone to our landlord and hasn't even covered half of our rent. He has been patient but he took us to court and we are going to be homeless in the next few weeks.

Public assistance in NY gives you 363.00 a month for a family of 5 which is what we were when we first started getting help we are a family of 4 now with my daughter away at college (she has a full ride) and  the rest of our grant which would go to things like toilet paper etc you know needs not wants all goes to our landlord and again it doesn't even cover half of our rent. We have looked for other places but they are all smaller and cost more.

The Judge signed the paper and our landlord gives the paper to the Sheriff on June 7th just about a week from today and from there he says it takes the Sheriff about 2 weeks to actually come. Social services will not pay the back rent, and we can't move anywhere else because there is no place for whatever we are allowed for a family of 4.

So we literally have to wait to the day we become homeless to go to Social Services and see the Homeless unit and then they will decide if they can even help us out. We don't have a car, no money for a storage unit, or a Uhaul to move our stuff to it. Neither of us are supposed to pick up over 10 pounds so you can start to feel where we are at. We are praying for a miracle that people will come and help us when we can get the Uhaul here.

We also have to time this just right so that our things are put into storage only a day before we are homeless because once our fridge and stove are gone we can't provide meals for our children, so there is a lot going on with nothing more then we can't give you any more information until you are actually homeless. Makes you feel helpless.

We told our two girls who are still home that no matter what we will be together, and  things will get better. It has been hot here the last few days which has not helped with tempers flaring, or the uncertainties that I have that I can't answer for our children because we do not know the answer.

We have to find a temporary home for our elderly Saint Bernard, 3 cats, and 2 kittens until we get back on our feet. The third kitten should have a home it is just not old enough to leave the mama yet.
I have always shopped with coupons over 24 years now so you can imagine how big some of my stockpiles might be so we also have to take into account where do I put a upright freezer, and chest freezer full of food while we are homeless? How about my pantry. Our pantry is as big as most kitchens.

The kids are worried about school we are still in session here, we have resolved that and know the school will come and pick them up and drop them off if we are placed in a motel, which is what we have our fingers crossed for. Mind you they can say sorry we don't have anything for you, seriously they can, but our hope is that they can help us.

I get mad everytime I hear someone say that people who get help are lazy, using the system, have it easy, etc. etc. They are wrong, Yes there are people who take advantage, but then there are families like us that need a little help until things come through. We are a family who has worked for everything we have, and now that we can't work things are just taking a while to fall into place so we needed a little help. Help we thought that would see us through but hence here we are taking one day at a time. This is my life!

I am usually the one to try and make everyone happy, keep the family in the loop, do the paperwork, pay the bills, cook dinner, make phone calls, keep the family on schedule, etc etc, but right now I need a break, but as a mom I just don't get that. I have faith in God that everything will turn out OK, but there is the human side of me who has doubts.

Don't worry we have had some great things happen too like my 8 year old daughter winning first prize in poster contest which happened to be for homelessness isn't that funny. She was also picked to be in both tennis and running club.

We haven't gone without food and just when we need money for toilet paper or something like that a little bit of money comes in from one of my blogs and we have enough to order from online, or buy from a store when we can get a ride out to shop which is about once or twice a month.

Our children are healthy for the most part, and most of the time we can still laugh throughout the day when most would be going nuts. We have always been adaptive but of course that was before we were disabled, now it is just scary.

I am having a hard time dealing with everything, but I smile, I laugh, I love, and I still help others out. This is my life.

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